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How to Hire the Right IT Person


Hiring is an essential part of any business not only to bring in good employees, but to keep bad hires at bay. Simply hiring one bad employee has the ability to cost you almost 3 times the salary. Making a bad hire will result in lost wages and lost time. This means that you have to know what to look for and what to avoid during the hiring process. There is a science to making good hires and you have the ability to learn all the facts.

What Makes a Good Employee?

In order to avoid making a bad hire, you must be aware of the characteristics that makeup a good employee. This means that you need an employee that is technologically savvy, but still has basic communication skills with others. Employees that know how to solve problems on their own and follow through are also great hires for any business. Education is often the best evaluator when it comes to determining ability.

What Makes a Bad Employee?

You can easily spot a bad employee once they start the job, but it is important to know what to look for during the hiring process. Someone with poor communication skills should make you wary. This is a telltale sign that they will not work well with others. A false sense of superiority and the inability to deal with stressful situations are also characteristics that you should avoid in prospective hires.

Why Did They Get Hired?

It might seem like a straightforward to only hire qualified applicants, but how do so many bad hires happen? The fact is that most of the bad hires made are caused by bad decisions made by the company. These bad decisions can be blamed on 4 likely scenarios. Almost 40% of the time bad hires are made because there is a rush to make a quick hire. Almost 20% of the time bad hires can be attributed to an employee simply not being qualified. The other likely scenarios include employees simply not being a good fit or the failure to accurately check references. This means that most bad hires can be avoided by simply taking the time and giving the decision the thought that is deserves.

More Than One Employee

The fact is that one bad hire can have a huge impact on your entire staff. You can improve your bottom-line by simply making effective hiring principles the priority.

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