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How to Hire an Inhouse Marketing Employee

How to Hire the Right Marketing Candidates

How to Hire the Right Marketing Candidate

Research has revealed that about 25% of marketing professionals are jobless while 30% of recruiters are finding it difficult to find the right candidate for the job. This article seeks to explain how to find the right talent for your company.

Step 1 – The CV

Ask the following questions:

1. Does the employee bring anything special to the company?
2. Is the candidate a perfect fit for the existing vacancy?
3. Do they have the qualification required by the company?
4. Does the experience of the candidate match the criteria required by the company?

You can move to step 2 if you answered yes to all the above questions.

Step 2 – Screening

Research has revealed that for every 5 employer, 1 makes use of social media to screen candidates. 64% of employers use LinkedIn, 54% use Twitter while 48% make use of Facebook.

For those using LinkedIn, find out if their CV matches their LinkedIn profile. Also check if they have been endorsed for their skills. Check if they are involved in any discussions and if they follow any industry trends.

With Facebook, you can have an idea of their personal quality and how fit they are for the company while with Twitter, you can find out if they have a good following. Check also if their updates are well and professionally written. Check if they demonstrate interest in specialism.

You can move onto step 3 if the candidate appears professional.

Step 3 – Stand Out Skills

In a bit to target a specific skill, 54% of recruiters make use of social media. Here is a list of some marketing and creative tools to look out for.

1. Social Media Marketing.
2. Content Marketing.
3. Campaign Management.
4. Direct/Email Marketing.
5. SEO Analysis.

If you have found any talent at this stage, proceed to step 4.

Step 4 – Reference

Make the most use of attached references. Check out traditional references. Check out LinkedIn, recommendation, and endorsements.

Step 5 – Attract Candidates

More needs to be done with respective to the company being attractive as not only the candidate needs to be attractive with about 25% of marketing and creative professionals being in need of a job, it is necessary to attract and retain the best talent possible. To achieve this, the following needs to be done.

1. The company needs to be presented in the best light possible, highlighting the attributes that makes your company stand out.
2. Highlight the benefits of working for your company.
3. Retain flexibility during your recruitment process, seek to accommodate all candidates not alienating some with some requirements.
4. Make sure pay benefits are competitive.

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