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How to Have a Happy Relationship


Relationships can be happy, sad, disappointing, satisfying, frustrating or improvable among others. A relationship can hardly be perfect but there is a considerable difference between a good relationship and a bad relationship. The difference is not a thin line or a blurred grey area. A good relationship will have satisfied people and a bad relationship will have disgruntled people in it.

Why does a certain relationship work out just fine and another gets torn into pieces? Is there a secret to a happy marriage, a happy relationship or a happy family? The truth is that there is.

The Science Behind A Happy Relationship will take you through all the minute elements of a relationship which can play a decisive role in determining whether you would be happy with someone or be unhappy and eventually end up breaking up with someone. The science behind a happy relationship is not mainstream science. It has been developed after years of research, real life case studies, psychological studies and the impact of money, love, commitments, attitudes of people and lifestyles among others. Everything can play a role in determining when your relationship turns out to be satisfactory or not. From personal habits to your choice of words, expressiveness to honesty, common interests to life and work balance, everything has a role to play.

In the info-graphic of The Science Behind A Happy Relationship, you shall get to explore every element that makes for a fruitful relationship.

Happy couples talk more than unhappy couples. For every negative experience or interaction that a couple has, a happy couple will have as many as five or more positive experiences or interactions. Unhappy couples will have five negative interactions for every four or even less number of positive interactions. You may regard to this as a retrospective realization but it can be realized in real time. No relationship is self fueled. It has to be driven by the two people involved. The choices the two make, the approach they have, the efforts they put in and how they manage crises are crucial to determine happiness in a relationship.

Romantic moments, intimacies, sex, experiences that a couple indulges in, shared memories, interest in one another, initiative to do something for the other person, understanding each other, having common objectives and sharing their lives without an iota of dishonesty, barring harmless concealing of some extra drinks, can make way for a happy relationship.

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