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How to Handle Customer Complaints on Social Media


A special thanks to OnlineMBA.Ohio.edu for creating the original infographic.

Here are some main highlights to remember from this infographic…

1) Don’t Be Impulsive.
When a customer gives you a bad review, you might be quick to fire something off. However, know that your reply, here, can make all the difference. If the complaint is from a legitimate customer, and worthy of your attention, cool your heels. See just what incident that they are talking about. Post a reply that tells them all the steps that you are going to take to make the error right. Be sure that you maintain a professional tone. Do not ask for the post to be removed, or post a fake review.

2) Don’t Hesitate. Act Fast.
Sometimes a customer takes to social media to complain. In this case, you need to ask fast. You want to seem personal, but also courteous and understanding. Again, if the complaint is real, engage with the person. Offer to speak with them in a more private place about the issue, but respond publically the first time. Be sure to not ignore or trash these sorts of complaints! And do not think that the use of humor will lighten the situation. Be kind and understand just where you customer is coming from. Work together to find a solution.

3) Expect Questions To Be Asked.
Every once in a while, customers or potential customers will post questions on your social media pages. Do not ignore these inquiries. Instead, get on them quickly. Within an hour, if possible. Forward the question on to the right person in your company so you can get a prompt, correct answer. Leave out things like links to similar questions. Your social media page is not a message board! Also be sure to ditch the jargon. Answer in a way anyone can understand. Be sure to take the questions and answer them on the same platform where they were asked.

4) Wait To Be Praised.
If your business is doing well, expect to get some praise. These comments can help you win over others. When this happens, offer the customer a short, sincere thank you. Address the person giving the praise by name. Think about something that they said that really stood out, then talk about it in your reply itself. Do not use canned responses. In this situation you do not have to act so speedily. You have about 2 days to reply to any positive reviews or comments. Understand that when customers are upset or complaining, they are more likely to be inpatient.

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