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How to Get More Comments on Instagram


The virtual world is still evolving. Internet is itself new and social networks or social media are certainly in their nascent stages. Where they would end up in ten years or how they would evolve from here cannot be foretold. However, social networks or social media are great mediums and they play a significant role in today’s world. They have commercial, personal, political, cultural, social and universal relevance.

No one can clearly decipher everything about sites like Instagram. But there has to be some method to the madness that goes on. Is everything chaotic or is there a pattern or some science behind all the hoopla. The chaos theory itself says that there is a pattern of some kind; it’s just that the pattern itself would be chaotic.

In here, we shall take a look at the science of Instagram. After studying one and a half million photos from more than half a million users, the inferences have been drawn. But instead of just sharing the inferences as science of Instagram, we shall also substantiate them. Science needs rational reasoning and that’s what we shall do here.

1. More tags get more likes and comments. This is beyond debate because the study has proved it and you may know it as well. What’s the science behind it? It’s quite simple. When you tag people, they come to know about your post and they check it out. With more people checking out your post, the likelihood of getting more likes and comments would obviously increase. And since the tagged people’s friends would also get to see that they were tagged, they too check out the posts whereas you are not directly related or connected to them.

2. No filter is the best filter. This may come as a surprise for many, especially the Photoshop and Picasa enthusiasts. Saturated photos, those that have been edited too much or which have lots of filters or even one filter, tend to look artificial. People don’t like fakes or pretensions on sites like Instagram. They like genuine or organic stuff.

3. Photos with faces get more likes. It is obvious that photos that have a person or the person whose profile it is will get more likes.

There are many such realities that you can explore in the associated info-graphic. Surely, you can make better use of the site with some help from the science of Instagram.

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