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How to Get Freelance Clients


Sometimes when it comes to running a business, hiring through traditional means makes little sense. Rather, a growing trend is to hire freelancers to help complete a project. The challenge however is figuring out how to find these freelancers. Once complete, you have a new challenge.

How Do You Find Freelance Clients for your Business?

There are several well-known sites where you can look. However, if you have exhausted these avenues, then it may seem like you are out of luck.

Don’t fret. There are a number of alternative ways to find the best freelance clients. Below is a list of ideas you can try to create a larger theoretical pool to choose from. With any luck, you will find exactly who you are looking for.

Make Sure You’ve Covered the Basic Websites

It never hurts to quickly review the sites where freelancer clients go. Among the most popular is Elance.com. With nearly 2 million freelancers, it is probably the first place you went. However, there is also PPH.com, guru.com, 99designs.com, designcrod.com, and microlancer.com. Make sure you check all these places before continuing with your search.

Other Forms of Advertisements

Beyond advertising on a freelance website, there are a number of alternative means to find the right people. Chief among these is stealth advertising. By taking out a small advertisement through Google’s adWords, you can create targeted messages to those you are looking to recruit.

Allow Someone Else to Search For You

Finding freelancers can be a time consuming process, that brings you away from what you want to be doing most. If you can afford it, consider hiring someone else to do this for you. By hiring a rep, you give yourself the time to work on the business and design. If you are uncertain about the cost, remember that every moment you are searching for freelancer clients you are not spending on your business. That is wasted money.

Putting it All Together

Finding the best freelancer clients doesn’t have to be a struggle. Rather, by following the above suggestions, you can dramatically reduce the time and effort you spend in this aspect of your business. By making use of social searches, social media, and creative content, you can advertise your need creatively and effectively across the Internet, generating the best possible freelancer clients. Until then, good luck with your search.

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