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Business Dinner Etiquette in France, Japan & China


Eating is a favorite pastime in many different cultures, but the food that you eat and the dining etiquette that you have changes depending on where you are. Now you can have great table manners and ideal dining etiquette no matter where you are.


Dining in Portugal is slightly different than other counties. You might think that adding some salt and pepper to your meal is harmless, but it is a major sign of disrespect in Portugal. Salt and pepper will not be on the table and ask for them at your own risk. Adding salt and pepper to your food is seen as a slight to the chef, so it may best to pass on the salt and pepper. Leaving a tip is also standard etiquette and you should leave at least 10% of the check.


Eating in France is all about finger foods and companionship. Silverware is not incredibly common and bread is used to pick up hot food before placing in your mouth. Bread is in high demand and on almost every dining table in France. However, bread is usually placed directly on the table and should not be put on your plate. Your hands should always be above the table and should never be on your lap. It is also a huge error to split a bill. You should always be willing to cover the whole check.


Dining in Japan is more about knowing the things that you should not do. It is never a good idea to lick or put chopsticks into a bowl of rice. These actions are seen as improper and will get you dirty glances. It is also important to note that tipping is not normal in japan. You almost never see tips and leaving a tip is often insulting to the staff. However, in the midst of all the things that you should not do, you should always remember to slurp. Spoons are rare in Japan, so you should slurp your soup and noodles. Loud slurping is seen as a compliment to the chef.


Italian dining is not all spaghetti and pizza. You should never request additional cheese, because this is seen as a huge slight. Just eat your cheese pizza regular and avoid insulting the chef. The tip is normally included in the check, but you can add more if you get great service.

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