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How to Get Crazy Traffic from Slideshare Presentations


LinkedIn is a powerful social media platform designed for professionals, business owners, marketers, investors, and entrepreneurs to connect with one another and network to build everyone’s net worth – but you only ever going to be able to take advantage of all the leverage LinkedIn has to offer if you master SlideShare as part of your pitch and presentation process. Here are some tips and tricks to help you do exactly that.

1) What Are You Trying To Do?
It’s almost impossible to believe at first, but the overwhelming majority of presentations and pitches that are shared with people – real influencers that can transform people’s lives and businesses dramatically – are created almost out of thin air with no real consideration as to what you’re trying to convey or what your ultimate goal is with the presentation itself.

2) What a Major Mistake!
You really want to use a laserlike focus to break down EXACTLY what you want to convey with this SlideShare presentation, exactly what you’re best case scenario results are, and how to measure the results to see where you land in what you have to adjust moving forward.

3) Keep Things Tight, Interesting, And With An Eye On The Prize.
You have no doubt been exposed to SlideShare presentations that are hours long, presentations that seemed to stretch on forever, and presentations that are about as dull as a blank piece of paper in a dark room. Those presentations are the exact OPPOSITE of the kind of presentation you want to create with SlideShare if you’re going to use it to build your business.

A good idea is to create a single overarching theme and “pitch concept” that you’re going to use to create the SlideShare presentation itself, working off of that interesting and doing your level best to keep things focused on the overall outcome you are most interested in.

Create as long winded a presentation as necessary after you have broken down these essentials, but before you publish and share this share this presentation really try to pare it down to only the most essential components – shooting to cut off at least 40% or more of the slides that you have already worked so hard to create. This will focus things dramatically, help you keep the attention you have tried so hard to create, and give you every chance to succeed.

4) Test – and Measure – EVERYTHING.
The cool thing about SlideShare is that it provides you with the ability to track, to measure, and to test all kinds of key analytic details that you might not have been able to otherwise. Use this data to inform new presentations in the future and to really fine tune the one that you have already created.

Let your market and your audience dictate the perfect presentation to you and you won’t ever lose!

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