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How to Follow Up on Customer Feedback


For most businesses, feedback is everything. A company’s feedback tells of its history with their customers, in which feedback is often the customer’s deciding factor on whether or not to buy the company’s product/service. Good feedback is obviously sought by companies, but few companies realize that bad feedback is also warranted, as bad feedback can help you work on areas specified in the negative review. By building and analyzing all the feedback you receive, you can effectively build a better business with little hassle involved.

To get the most out of your customers, keep in mind these key insights from this infographic.

1) Ask For Feedback.
While it is often typical for companies to ask for feedback, not all businesses realize that they need to ask for feedback, instead of expecting it. Not many customers are willing to go out of their way to write feedbacks, for feedbacks may take up their time. Set up an automatic feedback feature, where you ask for customers their feedback a couple of days after they receive their purchase.

2) Promote An Online Survey.
Online surveys are among the most popular of marketing techniques used by companies,and for good reasons, as this technique works well. By asking customers what they enjoy or what they think about general products, you are interacting with your customer past a simple transaction.

3) Welcome The Customer.
Where many companies fail is their customer-business relationship so they are usually left with a disconnect from their customer group. The most successful of companies are usually close with their customers, in which they make them feel appreciated and otherwise a part of the community. Not only this make the customer feel more welcomed, but you will find it easier to connect with future customers.

4) Accept All Types Of Feedback.
What makes the best of companies are the companies that accept all types of feedback. Even the nastiest and most hurtful feedback can build better businesses, as this allows companies to learn and analyze customer feedback. Good feedback is always good to hear for a company, as it boosts its confidence, and it allows for further success in the future.

Bad feedback is valuable too, however, as bad feedback highlights what is wrong with the company’s techniques in interacting with their customers. Whether the complaints are shipping based, product description mistakes, or other common plagues to businesses, by accepting all types of feedback, you are admitting your fault and you are recognizing the most important factor of business: the customer is always right.

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