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How to Double Your Twitter Followers


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Twitter is an amazing marketing platform. It has already emerged as a more effective medium than Facebook, at least for companies from the perspective of advertising, marketing, branding and promotion. Although it is a very rewarding exercise to market your products, services or your brand using Twitter, still there are challenges galore. One major challenge is to get Twitter followers who would act as your unsuspecting virtual army to spread your message across.

Benefits of Followers

The more followers you have, the larger is your target audience and the number of messengers. With increasing Twitter followers, you would get more followers and that shall expand your entire outreach. While it seems a fairly simple challenge, the truth is that unless you are someone famous, not many people would follow you. You have to do something about it. Having a profile and waiting with expectation that people would take note of you and follow you wouldn’t work.

Have a Twitter Strategy

You need a strategy to gain followers on Twitter. That is precisely what this info-graphic is about. Double Your Twitter Followers In Just 5 Minutes Per Day spells out a few very basic aspects about the popular social media site. There are a few initiatives that you must take to get a foothold on the site. You need to make your presence felt, you must be active and regular on the site, you must engage with your existing followers or if you don’t have enough followers then you should start following others and get yourself noticed.

Use of Haashtags

Using hash tags which are indicative of popular discussions, re-tweeting posts of other people, particularly of those who are very popular and engaging with random people on topics that are of interest, relevance and importance to you are sure-fire ways to gain some attention. Once you start getting attention, albeit one that is desirable, it is only a matter of time before you start getting followers.

The info-graphic is a very decisive and compelling guide for every marketer, entrepreneur and professional who intends to expand their outreach on Twitter and have a more important footprint. You would find it interesting to note that all the measures or strategies that have been propagated in the guide are organic and do not require any funding or major resources to adhere to. All you need is a little time and effort every day and adherence to the tips and tricks.

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