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How to Declutter Your Home Office


How To Get Your Office More Organized

Chances are you’re office could use a little more organization, right? Over 70% of people feel like they would be more productive if their office was more organized, but it never seems to get organized because there is a time investment involved in doing it. With these quick tips, you can take a few moments each day to create a better, more organized environment for your office space so that you can accomplish more in less time.

1. Get rid of all the cords

Though some equipment still requires a wire connector here or there for USB purposes or data transmission, there are plenty of options available that are wireless. You can even wirelessly charge batteries today! If you’ve got some old equipment dinosaurs in your office that produce a half dozen wires each, consider modernizing to eliminate some of the wire clutter.

2. Go with online documentation

It doesn’t take much time for paper to clutter up an office. From standardized forms to necessary daily paperwork, if there’s an open space in your office, chances are there are papers on it, right? Even if you just moved one form from a paper format to an online format that was printed when a hardcopy was needed, you would eliminate up to 1 ream of paper clutter over the course of a year.

3. Stop the junk mail and faxes

The oldest form of spam, junk mail and spam faxes tend to appear every day. If you throw it away as is, you risk having your identity stolen and can put your organization at risk. If you shred it, you’re adding more clutter to the mess. The best way to stop this from happening is to opt-out of receiving communications. For faxes, see if you can move away from the traditional fax machine and send online faxes.

4. Purge stuff you don’t need

Do you have training videos that haven’t been watched since 1992? Are there books on your bookshelf that have so much dust on them that you can’t blow the dust away because it is so compacted? If you’ve got items in your office that aren’t being used, don’t keep them for the sake of posterity. Recycle them, purge them, or donate them.

5. Maximize your office space

Are you having trouble remembering deadlines, but have some office wall art that generates tons of compliments? Maybe it’s time to eliminate the art and replace it with a white board that helps you stay on schedule. Shelving that can affix from your ceiling and still meet fire codes are also an option to help you keep clutter organized and free up some open space.

6. Invest in laptops

Not only does a laptop take up much less space than a traditional desktop computer, but it also uses about 10% of the energy of a desktop. The portability of a laptop also helps employees to stay more productive because they can go virtually everywhere the employee goes.

With just a little bit of effort and investment, your office can be more organized and product. Use these tips today to eliminate the clutter from your office!

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