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How to Connect with People for Business Owners

How to Connect with People for Business Owners

Connecting with People as an Entrepreneur

In order to make a connection with people as a business owner, you need to gain insight and learn about their individual before proving the value you have to offer them. Here is a look at three easy steps to make a connection with people with a listing of the right questions to ask.

1. Gain Insight

If you want to connect with others, start by asking questions. This will help you gain insight as well as serve as a good conversation starter. You allow the other person to immediately talk about one thing you know will interest them, which is about themselves. Make inquiries to their vision, ideas, goals, passion, and projects will help you keep them engaged at the same time you learn something about them.

2. Create Value

Create value by giving the other person time. You can introduce them to others, help them locate something they lost, give directions, share an umbrella, lend a book, show a gadget, help the person jump start their car, or share a story. By giving something back to the other person, you have in returned created value for yourself.

3. Listen

By listing, you can learn a lot about the other individual. Assume they have been through a low and find out what they believe in. What is their goals and life path? What do they worry about or who do they look up to? By listening you can learn more about the others perspective, how they view things, and when connecting with them on their level, you will more likely be received with what you have to say when you speak.

Starter Questions

Here is a listing of some questions that are good to ask and ones to avoid when trying to break the ice.

Questions to ask:
• Have you heard of this new tech?
• What are you excited about lately?
• I read that you work on X, how is that?

Questions to avoid:
• Where are you from?
• What company do you work at?
• How long have you been here?
• Where in the city do you live?

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