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The Perfect Blog Name Formula

Your blog name is very, very important. It will play a role in how many people will read it and share it. It can also impact how much money your blog will make. In the next 8 minutes, I will reveal a simple process that will help you come up with an amazing name for your blog.

So let’s get started!

How Many Words Should Be in a Blog Name

There is a clear pattern among the most successful blogs in the world. 95% of their names are made up of a combination of two, three, or four different words. In addition, these word combinations rarely exceed 20 characters (not counting spaces).

You might be asking yourself… Why aren’t many blogs using a single word for their blog name. Well, the answer is very simple. It is almost impossible to find an available domain name for a single word phrase. Even the abnormal single word domain names are being sold for over $10,000. The majority of bloggers want to keep their expenses to a minimum, and that means they need to get creative when it comes to naming their blog.

The 7 Most Used Blog Name Formulas

There are seven simple formulas that will allow you to quickly come up with a bunch of name ideas for your blog. These seven formulas are not in any order. There are hundreds and thousands of successful bloggers that have used each of these formulas to come up with the name for their blog.

Here are the formulas along with five examples for each one.

Formula #1
Adjective and Noun

Barefoot Blonde
Fitness Fairy
The Love Vitamin
Offbeat Bride
Sarcastic Mom

Formula #2
Noun and Noun

Cookies and Dreams
Diapers and Dimples
Budget Bytes
Design Sponge
The Suitcase Entrepreneur

Formula #3
Noun and Verb

365 Days of Baking
Belly Busters
Mom Endeavors
Toddler Approved
Peanut Blossom

Formula #4
The Word Combo


Formula #5
First Name and Last Name

Brandon Gaille
Beth Hayden
Nathalie Lussier
Kat Loterzo
Neil Patel

Formula #6
First Name and Adverb or Verb

Stacey Everywhere
Joy The Baker
Cammie Creates
Terry Today
Tracey Cooks

Formula #7
Adjective and First Name

Spicy Kate
Vanilla Valerie
Modest Maggie
Teacher Tammy
Simply Sally

Now that you know the formulas, it is time to brainstorm.

How to Brainstorm Your Way to Greatness

Many newbie bloggers will go with the first thing that comes to their mind. Then a year down the road they are stuck with a substandard name for their blog. The best practice for coming up with a good name for a blog, or a name for a business, is to brainstorm and then brainstorm some more. Your should have a goal of creating a list of 20 to 100 names.

Here are a few tips before you start brainstorming.

Do Not Use Profanity
If you end up using a bad word in your name, then you are going to limit your ability to make money. Most ad networks will not allow you to run ads, and most websites will not link to your blog.

Do Not Use Shock Words
Anything that incites a potential visitor to be shocked is bad. This would include any words tied to hatred or real touchy subjects. Just like with profanity, you will have a hard time getting approved to run ads or attracting links from other websites.

Do Not Use Brand Names in Your Name
This includes names of companies, TV shows, movies, actors, and sports teams, to name a few. All brands own the trademark of their name, which means you can not use it. If you name your blog LegoMom.com, then you will get a letter from the law firm representing the Lego company. They will demand that you take your site down and give them the domain name.

Focus on Names that Can Be Used for Broad Topics
An example of a name that is too specific would be a travel blog named Miami Mama. This name will limit you to writing about topics that only have to do with the city of Miami. You would be better off choosing a name like Travel Mama. That way, you can write about Miami, Paris, The Bahamas, and pretty much any travel destination. If you want to have a focus on Miami, then dedicate a category of your blog to Miami.

Now, let’s break down the six steps of a successful brainstorming session.

The Six Steps of Brainstorming

#1 Create a Google Spreadsheet to Keep Track of Your Name Ideas

You may end up spending a day or a couple of weeks deciding on your final choice. A Google spreadsheet will allow you to access your list of ideas from any computer or device. So, when you come across a new idea at work, you can just add it to your online spreadsheet. Another benefit is that Google spreadsheets automatically save your work after each word is typed. This will keep you from losing any work by accidentally forgetting to hit save.

#2 Use the Seven Formulas to Come Up with Ideas off the Cuff

Just start jotting down everything you can think off for each of the seven formulas.

#3 Look at Blogs within Your Niche

If you are a food blogger, then just go to Google and type in “food blog.” Do not click on any of the results. Just look at the domain names of the first hundred or so Google results. Look for plays on words that you can apply to your own blog. Once you go through your own niche, try doing the same thing with different niches.

#4 Go to Thesaurus.com and Expand Upon Your Ideas

After your off the cuff brainstorm and niche blog research is completed, now you can expand your list with synonyms. This should easily double the size of your potential blog names.

Here are a couple of examples of using synonyms to expand upon a name idea.

Example One:
Toddler Approved

Here are three synonyms for “toddler” that work:
Youngster Approved
Tot Approved
Kid Approved

Example Two:
Sarcastic Mom

Here are four synonyms for “mom” that work:
Sarcastic Mommy
Sarcastic Mama
Sarcastic Mum
Sarcastic Mummy

#5 Narrow Down Your List to the Final Five

Your goal should be to parse your list of names down to your five favorites. Before you chop your list down to the final grouping, you should get familiar with the five characteristics of a good name.

Good: Mommy Poppins
Bad: Fanatically Shopping Mama

Good: Kevin Eats
Bad: Recipes that Make Me Hungry

Good: Role Mommy
Bad: Trishworks Family Blog

Good: Fishnets and Rainbows
Bad: Buttoned Lace and Food

Easy to Spell
Good: No Time to Cry
Bad: Neurological Nancy

#6 Check to Make Sure Your Final Five Have an Available .COM Domain Name

Do not use any other domain name extensions other than dot com. If a dot com is not available for one or more of your top five, then go back to your brainstorm list and find five that have it available. Do not give into the temptation of buying one of the lesser domain extensions. Having a .name, .biz, .net, or anything other than a .com will get your blog started off on the wrong foot.

In addition, DO NOT use hyphens in your domain name. It looks bad, and there have actually been some studies that showed hyphenated domain names do not rank well in Google.

You should be left with five blog names that have the dot com version of their names available.

Using Facebook to Make Your Final Selection

While you may already have a favorite in your final five, it is always best to see what others think. You are only one person, and your blog is going to be read by many. It only makes sense to poll both your friends and your target audience. The easiest way to do this is with a simple Facebook update.

Although Facebook offers you the ability to create a poll, I recommend that you stick with a standard text update. Let your friends know that you are starting a blog and you need their help in deciding which name sounds best. After that, list out the five names with a number next to each one. By listing a number next to each one, it makes it real easy for people to respond with a single key stroke.

Here’s an example using the numbered poll template.

I need help choosing a name for my new fashion blog. Please post a comment with the number of the one that you like best.

1 – The Vanilla Stiletto
2 – Missing Hangers
3 – Hold the Dressing
4 – FashionMista
5 – Empty Mannequins

Thank you very much for helping me.

After you are finished polling your friends, then it is time to poll your target audience. There are popular Facebook groups for just about every niche that you can create a blog in. Using the mommy blog example, all you have to do is perform a Facebook group search for “Mom.”

Once you get the results back, you will sign up to a couple of Facebook groups with at least 5000 members. Then you will post the same poll, which you sent to your friends. This will allow you to get feedback from the exact audience that you will be targeting with your blog.

After the polls have closed you will be left with a clear winner, which will be well received by your blog’s future audience.

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