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How to Be a Successful Salesperson: Top Qualities and Characteristics


The Secrets to Becoming a Top Performing Salesperson

Whether you sell products or services, one fact remains true; Selling can be tough.

Buyers are often too busy too even give your offer a second glance. Many potential buyers may not understand what they may need or want. Even worse they might not have even heard of your company and so you are not even on their radar.

A great salesperson can step in at this point, to identify with a passive lead and convert them into a qualified prospect. It’s all about creating win-win situations for the buyer and seller.

Qualities to Success

Selling is a very difficult skill to master. This is a skill that has to be learned through training and experience. With the right characteristics you can become a successful salesperson. A great salesperson has to be:

– Self-managed. Working without the need for direct supervision is essential. You should know how to divide and prioritize your work.

– Results driven. You should focus on a goal and identify the best way of achieving results.

– High self-esteem. You need a bit of an ego to be able to sell. You need to be able to take rejection and quickly bounce back. People will say no, and it is all part of the job. However, this needs to be balanced, else you risk putting off even eager buyers.

– Persistent. You will have slow days, or even days with no sales. Giving up can’t be in your vocabulary. Buyers need time to learn more and gain trust in a company and its products. Sales can be made, but it just takes time. Without persistence you will never be able to close that deal.

– Observant. Have a keen sense of reading a situation and understanding a situation. That is how you can positively connect with a potential customer.

– Honest. Products and services can (and will) have limitations, based on the customer’s needs. While a salesperson does need to present a positive image, they also have to be strictly honest to become great at selling.

Learning New Technologies

There are many new technologies that can help in the sales effort. Making the most out of integrating these new resources is essential to making sales easier and more efficient.

– Cloud-based tools. The growing use of Smartphones, laptops and tablets, allow salespeople to work from almost anywhere. With the assistance of cloud-based tools, custom software can be used by companies to create a literal agile and mobile sales team.

– Social Media. There are new marketing platforms popping up all the time. From Facebook and Twitter, to Google+ and Pinterest, you now have the ability to connect to a vast network of people. Educate yourself on how to best use these new channels to form a trusting relationship with your clients.

As a salesperson, your ultimate goal should be to aim for the top. Whether you are working as part of a company or in your own business, create value with every action you take.

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