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How Obama Invests His Personal Wealth

How much do you know about your president? Do you know him well enough to be regarded as a fan or you know him even better as a sociologist, psephologist or historian? Barack Obama has been one of the most transparent presidents in recent history and his family has been among the most outspoken and open about their lives than any other first family in the history of the country. There have been first families who have had to make their private life public due to certain compulsive reasons and many presidents have authored or contributed to tell all books after their presidency. But Obama has been upfront from the first day of his first term in office.

Obama’s estimated net worth is valued at $11.8 million, followed by the authoring of three books.

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In the adjoining slideshow, you would get to know a little bit about Obama’s finances, if you do not know more than that already.

Obama wasn’t among the richest politicians when he won the presidential elections and even today he is not among the richest presidents, senators or congressmen. He has never been hawkish about his finances but has always made smart choices. His calculated financial planning is reflected in his three trading accounts that collectively have anywhere between $250,000 and $600,000 which generated a return of up to $80,000 in dividends in the year 2012. That is not a bad investment or return by any means for someone who isn’t a financial expert and has certainly not been an aggressive trader or investor.

The home that the Obama’s bought in Chicago was before he became president. It cost or is currently valued at less than a million dollars and it was bought on a mortgage for thirty years at an interest of 5.625%. Guess, average Americans are not alone paying for a mortgage; even the president has a good 21 years to go.

As with previous presidents, Obama had also held T Bills or Treasury Bills and Treasury Notes from time to time but they haven’t yielded him much returns in due time. As per a report, in 2012 he held anywhere from a million to five millions in T Notes or Treasury Notes and that only yielded a return of up to $15,000. That is much less than what it should have garnered. It is perhaps an indication of a recuperating economy and not one that is thriving in its finest glory.

Find out more such financial facts about your president, including information about royalties he earns on the three books he has had published.

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