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How Money Influences Happiness


Happiness and money go hand in hand or so goes the popular perception. Money paves the way for happiness and in many cases being happy makes one more inclined to make more money. But what is the true correlation of happiness and money?

Does money alone sow the seeds of happiness? How much money does one need to be truly happy? Can happiness be derived without spending much money?

These are some very pertinent questions that the modern man and woman has consistently been faced with. In the info-graphic, Money & Your Happiness, you would explore some truths that are either quite known but not realized or not given enough significance that they deserve.

Money can bring you happiness but not simply because money can get you things. Researches and real life case studies have shown that spending money on things doesn’t necessarily bring happiness. Instead, it is spending on experiences that make people happy. You can take a leaf out of your own life and compare two times when you had spent money, once on things and on the other occasions on an experience. Consider the last time you bought a new phone and the last time you went for a family holiday. When you bought the new phone, you were certainly happy but over time you were not that happy with the phone. The attraction of the new phone dies out. When you went for the family holiday, you albeit had fun but over time that memory paved the way for more happiness. You would be more satisfied and cherish the past when you spend on experiences. You would be less satisfied and wouldn’t cherish as much when you spend on things.

Money can certainly bring you happiness but only when you spend the money to be with others, to indulge in activities that bring joy to you and to your loved ones, when you spend time with people you like to be with and do things that you like to do. Family outings, get-togethers, activities that you are passionate about and adventures are always the source of perennial happiness. You may not always bask in the glory of that happiness but you will always have fond memories which you shall be able to cherish at any stage in your life.

Explore Money & Your Happiness and know more about how money and happiness are correlated in your life.

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