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How Long Should a Tweet Be?

How Long Should a Tweet Be?
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8 Ways to Get More Clicks on Twitter

1. Write tweets between 120-130 characters.
The highest click rate is on tweets that are between 120-130 characters in length.

2. Place Links 25% of the way through.
Higher CTR’s exist on tweets that have the links a quarter of the way into the tweet.

3. Tweet links at a slower pace.
The speed of link tweets can influence your CTR.

4. Choose the right words or phrases.
Tweets containing “via,” “@,” “RT,” “Please,” and “Check” do not produce as high a CTR.

5. Experiment with paper.li system.
Of all the words and phrases analyzed, those that contain the phrase “daily is out” had a positive impact on CTR from paper.li.

6. Use action words and fewer nouns.
Tweets that contained more adverbs and verbs received a higher CTR than those that contained to many nouns and adjectives.

7. Tweet on the weekend.
Tweets posted on a Friday or over the weekend showed a higher CTR than those posted during the rest of the week.

8. Tweet later in the day.
Tweets that are posted in the afternoon hours can have higher CTRs than those posted in the morning.

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