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How Loneliness Can Contribute to an Early Death


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Loneliness Is More Deadly Than Obesity

Obesity has been one of the most pressing concerns in the developed nations of the world for quite some time now. However, loneliness seems to be taking over that spot and is proving to be more deadly than obesity. As more people seek refuge on social networks, live their lives online and tune out of the real world, more people are living a lonely lifestyle.

The Loneliness Factor

Loneliness may seem to be a paradox in the present times because people have hundreds of friends on their social networks, chat with dozens of people throughout the day, are connected globally and can talk to anyone at any time if one chooses to. Yet, the level of intimacy and bonding among people has taken a hit. People have less actual friends who can be regarded as confidants. Fellow feeling or bonding with friends and relatives is on the decline. More people are spending time on gifts of technology than with people. People are imagining living a life more than actually living a life.

Solitude is no longer a treasured time alone. Loneliness is the reality that people are trying to overcome. In the context of comparing loneliness and obesity, both are undesirable for a healthy life but the former has far reaching consequences that many people are not even looking at.

The Negative Effects of Loneliness

Loneliness can spark some very undesirable traits in a person. Lonely people are likely to drink more and feel miserable. They would indulge in addictions that are not at all healthy. Lonely people feel sad more often and indulge in snacking and binge eating. They have sleeping disorders and also experience bouts of hyper anxiety. Lonely people find themselves at dead ends due to lack of social and moral support. They are emotionally fragile because of the circumstantial inability of sharing one’s heart and mind out. Loneliness makes people aloof from what is truly needed to live a fulfilling life which one tries to compensate in various ways.

At the end of the day, loneliness takes a toll on lifestyles, finance, health, mind and one’s entire perspective towards life, relations, work, aspirations and satiation. Psychologists across the world are studying the direct implications of loneliness in life and death situations as more and more reports emerge that of suicides by young men and women.

It is indeed an irony that in an unprecedentedly connected world we have today people are lonelier.

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