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How Facebook’s Algorithm Change Affected Organic Reach


Here are some of the key insights provided by this infographic…

1) Facebook Changes Have Lowered a Brands Social Reach.
Facebook has made changes to their social media site that has resulted in a lowering of the number of customers that a business or brand can reach with a single post. Mainly, these changes have come because users themselves wanted them. Thanks to an algorithm, they are now able to see the top hundred few popular posts on their feeds, instead of the thousands they could see. People use Facebook as a social network, not really as a marketplace. These changes have also been made to boost the profits of Facebook when it comes to ads.

2) Facebook Has Earned Billions From Ad Sales.
Each year, Facebook is poised to make billions of dollars off of ad sales. They are also making lots of money off of users. Even non-promotional content, in recent years, does not have the same reach for brands that it once did. Bust just so you know, Facebook is still not a social media network that you should discount for your business. You can still potentially connect with millions of customers, a figure which is growing each year. Try to boost your interactions and views by posting videos directly to social media instead of from other sites to social media pages.

3) Look to Other Social Media Networks to Boost Your Overall Reach.
Instagram is just one example of that. Customers are more engaged on Instagram. Just be sure it is right for your demographic. Other potential social media sites, like Twitter, LinkedIn, and more might also be a good start. If you do not already have Instagram, start an account today. It could actually help you to save some of the money that you are investing in routes that are not as useful.

4) How Do You Deal With Your Loss of Customer Engagement?
Think about how to improve your actually webpage. Customers are, by far, more likely to check out your webpage before they check out your social media site. Also think about restarting email campaigns. Email is yet another sector that is growing each year. By billions of new email addresses, in fact. And email is growing at a much higher rate than Facebook or other social media outlets. Less than 1 of your 10 Facebook posts might reach customers. But about 9 of every 10 emails that you hit send on make it to your customers.

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