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How Do YouTubers Make Money


You have probably heard a lot about the profitability of YouTube. While making a ton of money overnight might not be attainable, it is possible to increase your earning potential by using this website in a new way. The possibilities of money making using YouTube really are endless and only growing by the day. You just have to know how exactly to get started making money using YouTube. Here are the highlights from this infographic.

1) Enable Monetization Setting.
When you create your YouTube account with money making in mind, you must enable the monetization setting of your account. This means that you have to access your YouTube account settings and enable monetization of your account to even have the chance to make any money. After you change your settings, all the videos that you have posted onto your channel will be under review for a short period of time. After review of your videos has taken place, ads will begin to stream on your channel. You have the ability to choose some of the ads that appear on your videos and can even go to some sponsors directly. As a result, you will get about half of the advertising proceeds that are earned from your YouTube channel.

2) Google AdSense and YouTube Connection.
If you are looking to stream ads on your YouTube videos and make money, you must have an account with Google AdSense. All you have to do is sign up for an account and you can start earning money over $100.00. This is the account that allows you to get access to the money you earn on YouTube. Without a Google AdSense account it is impossible to actually monetize your YouTube account. Don’t forget to sign up and create an account right away.

3) Focus on Keywords.
If you are looking to make your YouTube channel as profitable as possible, you need to start by researching keywords relevant to your niche market. You need to know what online users you are trying to target are typing into their search queries. This will help you get some great ideas for new videos and boost the amount of online users that see them. The more people that see your videos will only add to your YouTube earnings. Higher paying ads stream on YouTube channels that have more viewership. You need a large following to earn more money.

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