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How Companies are Predicting Human Behavior

How to Market Based on Customer Behaviors

Can I Recommend Anything Else?

This article examines how companies are targeting clients and predicting their behavior through the use of analytics. Here are the companies we have selected.

1. Amazon

Amazon has about 89 million active users. They track the following:

• Purchases of the customers in the past.
• Items rated and liked by customers.
• Comparison of the purchases of customers.
• Items located in the virtual shopping carts of customers.

These information are tracked in order to make future product recommendations.

2. NetFlix

This company has about 36 million streaming subscribers. Netflix tracks the ratings of users on movies and television shows. These ratings are used in the production of subsequent movies and in making some recommendations.

3. OkCupid

This company has about 7.3 million unique monthly users. Okcupid tracks the following:

• Answers to personal questions.
• User ratings.
• Keywords used in personal profiles.

These ratings are used to determine the percentage of match with other compatible singles.

4. Pandora

Pandora has over 70 million active users. It uses the ratings of users to make recommendations for new music.

5. Twitter

Twitter has over 200 million active users. This company tracks the connection of users, websites visited by users, tweets and other activities of users. It uses these data to make new recommendation.

This practice enables customers to transform their brand experience by making informed decision. This type of personalization enforces brand loyalty leading to success of companies because they are able to predict with a high level of accuracy, the needs of the customers, thereby eliminating the need for the customers to go elsewhere.

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