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How 10 Billionaires Overcame Failure


Failure isn’t what defines you. It is what you choose to do after failure that will set the course for your life. Here are the lessons on failure that some billionaires have learned, which can help us all pursue eventual success.

1) Bill Gates
Gates has a net worth of over $90 billion. He was banned from school for hacking. He dropped out of Harvard. He founded Traf-O-Data, which failed miserably. He was accused of stealing from his rivals. He even got a cream pie thrown in his face. Now he has committed to donate half his wealth over his lifetime.

2) Jeff Bezos
Bezos is the first modern $100 billion man. He once worked at McDonald’s. He turned down jobs at Bell Labs and Intel to build his own startup, which failed. He worked odd jobs until founding Cadabra in his garage. He built his own office furniture. He even tried to take down eBay and failed. Cadabra would later be renamed Amazon.

3) Walt Disney
Disney dropped out of school as a teen to join the Army. He was too young, so he joined the Red Cross instead. He was fired once because he lacked imagination. His first studio, called Laugh-O-Gram, failed within 2 years. He even lost the rights to Oswald, his most successful character. Only then would he create Mickey Mouse, the character which would eventually lead him to fame.

4) Larry Ellison
Ellison is worth about $60 billion and is responsible for Oracle. He dropped out of college twice. He worked different odd jobs for almost a decade. He had to mortgage his house to start Oracle. In the 1990s, he fired almost everyone from his company to save it. He now owns almost the entire island of Lanai in Hawaii.

5) Oprah Winfrey
She became pregnant at the age of 14 and lost her baby. She was sexually harassed and publicly humiliated during her first anchor job in TV news. She took a talk show in Chicago from the lowest-rated in the city to the highest-rated. She eventually would win Emmy awards and be nominated for an Academy award. She is also the first African-American billionaire.

Everyone fails. If you dust yourself off, get back up again, and never give up, then you can achieve almost anything.

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