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13 Google Organic Click Through Rate Statistics

Google Organic Click Through Rate Statistics

The Benefits of PPC Ads on Search Engine Results for Marketers

Despite the popular belief that no one clicks on sponsored results, the reality is exactly the opposite. In fact, they make up for 64.6% of clicks when it comes to high commercial intent keyword searches. Here are some facts and numbers showing how PPC ads are gaining ground on search results and how they overpower SEO results as well.

Increased Real Estate

• 85.2% of the above-the-fold real estate is made up of sponsored ads.
• 45.5% of search engine users would not be able to differentiate paid ads if a right column didn’t exist.
• 41.1% of clicks are given to the top 3 spots on a search results page.
• Organic results only take up 14.8% of pixels above the fold.
• The highest listing of unpaid results receives 8.9% of clicks.


PPC ads benefit those whose target market is geared towards people who are ready to buy a product or service. On the other hand, SEO is geared to draw in those who want to learn about a specific topic. PPC ad users can benefit greatly from high commercial intent keywords whereas SEO users need to include question and informational keywords in their websites.

Options for Google Ads

  • Remarketing: This tracks site visitors with a cookie and shows relevant ads to entice the user to click and convert.
  • Email Ads: This allows marketers to send offers once a viewer has provided an email.
  • Chat Ads: This prompts site visitors to chat with a salesman.
  • Click to Call Ads: This format is used on mobiles and allows customer to call businesses with a single tap.
  • Bottom of Page Ads: This is a strategically placed ad that allows you to catch a visitor’s attention before they click on page 2.
  • Mega Sitelinks: This system offers 10 places to click, raising your chances of giving the user a relevant link.
  • Social Ad Extensions: This tracks who has shared or 1+’d your site, giving you more credibility and a higher chance of recognition.
  • Map/Location Ad Extensions: Placing your address and phone number clearly makes visitors want to come to you faster.
  • The Pros and Cons of PPC

    PPC dominates search results for high intent commercial keyword searches and has a higher ROI. The only downside is that it is difficult for beginners due to the fact that Google has set up a system that makes it easier to spend than save.

    As you can see, PPC ads are a great way to bring traffic to your site and are not ignored after all. Advertising on Google will give you a high ROI turnout and a bigger amount of real estate above the fold as well. Although PPC may seem more unnatural than SEO, in the end it will save you the costs of hiring an SEO team and give you better results as well.

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