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Google Organic Click Through Rate Statistics


What It Takes To Get To The Top

Do you have your own website? If you have your own blog page or site then you’re definitely aware of the importance of reaching the top. Let’s delve into what it takes to get to the top.


There are two types of listings in which 85% are organic and 15% are paid. What sites typically get clicked on? Approximately 53% of online users click on the first listing following a search on a specific search engine. Nearly 15% of people go to the second listing, 6% click on the third listing, and 4% go to the fourth listing. It is therefore more advantageous for your listing to be at the top in order to maximize the number of users who click on your site.

Paid Listings

Paid listings usually do extremely well at the top of a search engine results page. Now let’s compare a few statistics regarding paid listings. About 61% of paid ads are displayed on the right sidebar of the page but tend to only receive a mere 13% of clicks. On the other hand, 24% of paid ads are presented at the top in which the first listing received nearly 59% of clicks on paid search ads.

Advertisers typically appear at the top of a page at a rate of 24%. Of this percentage, 85% of consumers click on ads found at the top of the page. About 15% of ads are located at the bottom of a site and 61% are displayed in the right sidebar. Consumers click ads located at the bottom at a rate of 2% while 13% of consumers tend to go to the ads found on the right sidebar.

Page Ranking

Ranking is not taken into account at the bottom of the page as ranking simply does not seem to matter there. Bear in mind that the first and second position advertisements only account for 1% each of clicks performed on paid search ads. Paid listings definitely do a lot better at the top of the page which is comprised of the ad-block located at the top as well. Hence, the top of the page is the prime location for advertisers.

Gain From Your Efforts

Marketers and advertisers find the best way to outshine other advertisements. Moreover, there is definitely a thought provoking strategy which is tactfully precise as each decision made is contrived in a way to increase search engine results page ranking in the most beneficial way possible. Every marketing effort to improve in search engine results page should present a highly profitable return on investment.

Although it’s remarkably good to be in the top spot on a search engine results page, once people visit your page ads need to be placed in the right location to ensure online users not only see the advertisement but also click on the ads.

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