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Google Organic Click-Through-Rate By Industry


There are several takeaways that are important to remember from this infographic…

1) The Internet Works Best for Branded Queries.
Studies have shown that Google is more likely to return a search for a branded result. Branding can help you take away your fair share of search results. Non-brands just don’t get the same return.

2) SEO Friendly Architectures Can Easily Result in Better Organic Traffic Results.
SEO friendliness is still a number one way to get organic traffic to your site. Non-branded CTR traffic comes from the top 3 returns on Google so ranking is more important than ever and it is very important to have a website that translates quickly and easily from desktop to laptop to mobile devices.

3) Improved Mobile Conversions Depend Heavily on Optimized Page Load Speeds.
Optimizing the speed of your page loads can result in higher traffic rankings. Optimal user experiences will improve your mobile traffic.

4) Head Terms Offer a Better CTR Rate Than Long Tail Keywords.
There is less competition for head terms than there is for long tails. You can easily see an increase of about 5% by using more head terms and less long tails or use the same amount of long tail keywords and increase the amount of head terms for the best results.

5) Mobile Devices Rank Higher CTR for Non-Branded Queries than Branded Queries.
Keeping your page load fast will help in getting the response you want. It is important that you focus on responsive design to get the most out of your web site especially when you know that CTR results are enhanced when using mobile devices. Mobile drives 50% more CTR than desktop searches do. It is more important now than ever to have responsive integrated web design if you are going to be able to cash in on mobile users.

6) Branded and Non-Branded Ads Take Up a Lot of Space and May Not Be Worth the Space Investments.
You can expect returns of a relatively low 16% in some cases from the ad searches.

7) CTR is an Important Measure of How Your Website is Doing.
Data has to be interpreted correctly to get any real value out of the data. There are many different variables that should be considered when you are reviewing CTR data.

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