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Finding Twitter Questions and Answers

Finding Twitter Questions and Answers

Social Media’s Loaded Questions

Twitter is used by many people in lots of different ways. Some use it to catch up on the latest news and updates, some to connect with their friends, some to share photos and links, and others to ask questions to their followers. So what kind of questions are people asking, and do they even get any answers? Read on to find out.

What are they asking?

People ask their followers all sorts of questions and on a variety of topics. In the month of April, on average over 100,000 questions were asked every day. Here are some of the topics that people asked their contacts in descending order:

• Product recommendations and advice – 13 %
• Tech support queries – 12 %
• Local suggestions – 11 %
• Entertainment – 8 %
• Sports – 6 %
• Health – 5 %
• Music – 5 %
• Careers and workplace – 5 %
• Fashion – 4 %
• Movies – 4 %
• Food and Recipes – 4 %
• Education – 3 %
• Phones – 3 %
• Advice and lifestyle – 2 %
• Video games – 2 %
• Home Improvement – 2 %
• Books – 1 %
• Photography – 1 %
• Relationships – 1 %
• Auto – 1 %
• Finance and Insurance – 1 %

Who Asks Questions?

While there are many questions asked in lots of different categories, who is doing all the asking? People who have more followers are more likely to send out questions. From the questions that are asked 33 % are from people with less than 100 followers. The other 67 % are asked by those with more than 100 followers.

A Business Contact

About 2 out of every 3 questions asked through Twitter have some kind of commercial intent. This means that sometimes a question is answered by a non-follower who is in fact a business. Also people with higher follower numbers are more likely to get a response from businesses.

Answers coming from a business are usually trusted. About 80 % of respondents have said they trust an answer from a business as much or even sometimes more than answers from their followers.

Making business responses is important in establishing new connections and relationships. The person who asked the question is more likely to follow the business and make purchases in the future.

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