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Emma vs Mailchimp

Email marketing software is an essential component for all businesses today. Even if you don’t have an e-commerce platform, regular emails can help keep your brand and business and the top of the minds of your customers and prospects. Two of the top email marketing solutions that are offered today are Emma and MailChimp.

In the Emma vs MailChimp debate, here are some of the key points that you’ll want to consider before selecting the best possible software solution for your email marketing needs.

An Overview of Emma

Emma offers your brand and business four different email marketing plans that are priced to meet advanced needs. Each package that is offered has a minimum requirement of 2,500 contacts, with rates going up from there based on the amount of monthly volume. There is a drag and drop email editor, full template gallery, and app access to effectively track analytics, metrics, and a guestbook.

Numerous built-in integrations allow you to produce dynamic content with ease. List segmentation, Lightbox signup forms, and an automated workflow are included in every package. Upgrading to the Plus package allows for 5 automated workflows, Salesforce integration, API access, and the ability to code your own HTML.

Premium features include private branding, automation and content consultation, and unlimited workflows.

An Overview of MailChimp

MailChimp is an entry-level email marketing solution that is highly scalable. This makes it possible for SMBs to experiment with email marketing and then grow their presence when they begin to see success. Anyone can get started on this software platform for free, with the freemium model offering 2,000 subscribers and 12,000 emails per month.

There are also fixed price subscription plans available so that you can completely customize your email marketing experience on this platform. You’ll receive customized forms, subscriber profiles, and have the ability to perform A/B testing with ease. Integrations are available with many top service providers.

A simple email designer works with built-in templates so that sending out a blast to a subscriber list is a fairly simple task. Geolocation, spam filter diagnostics, and mobile signup forms are also available.

Pricing Comparison: Emma vs MailChimp

MailChimp provides a free platform for small business owners, freelancers, and entrepreneurs that is not a limited trial. As long as you stay beneath the subscriber and email limits, it is considered a “forever free” option. Paid email marketing services start at $20 per month for up to 1,500 subscribers and includes unlimited emails. For every 500 subscribers that are added to the plan, the monthly fee goes up by an additional $5.

MailChimp also offers a limited access paid plan that is priced as low as $10 per month. All paid plans qualify for the Pro Marketer addition as well, which offers Enterprise plan features at a discounted rate. This add-on is $199 per month.

Emma’s entry-level plan begins at $89 per month with an annual contract. High-performing marketers may prefer the Plus plan, which begins at $369 per month. Sophisticated marketing teams which work for larger brands may choose the Premium plan from Emma, which begins at $779 per month.

Both Emma and MailChimp have Enterprise plans that offer customized packages for the largest marketing teams that need comprehensive solutions. These plans allow you to control user permissions, share assets, and receive global analytics with ease. An RFQ is required for pricing with this top-level plan.

Support Comparison: Emma vs MailChimp

MailChimp offers consumers a basic customer support experience. This includes trouble tickets, customer service by phone, and online training options for new users.

Emma offers a more comprehensive customer support experience. Phone and ticket support are available, as is live chat support. Training options are comprehensive at all plan levels, but the top plans include a dedicated account manager that can create individualized training opportunities for a team’s marketers.

Both email marketing solutions support Windows, Apple, and Android platforms and operating systems. Web-based solutions are also available with Emma and MailChimp.

Which Email Marketing Solution is Right for You?

The goal of Emma is to help established SMBs and larger brands to build a smarter email program, allowing you to maximize the power of this channels most effective tools. On the other hand, the goal of MailChimp is to offer a simplified email marketing solution that can save individuals and start-up SMBs a lot of time and cash without compromising the quality of the final product.

Each has specific strengths that could help your brand and business succeed. Take a closer look to match up your needs to the services provided and you’ll find the best possible solution for your email marketing requirements.

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