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China Mobile Internet Usage Statistics


There are numerous individuals that use the internet in China varies depending on their ages. The above infographic outlines the different demographics and usage statistics of mobile users in China.

Internet Users

China has a numerous individuals that are using their mobile devices and other ways to access the internet. There has been research done and they have broken this down between years, gender, age, education, occupation, internet device, and more. As you are looking at this research you will find that from June 2010 to June 2013 the total number of internet users has jumped almost 12%. The number of mobile users has jumped 186.98. This is showing that more individuals have started using the internet by using different ways.

When you start looking at percentage of users by gender you would be quite surprised. There are more men than there are women that are using the internet. Since individuals have so many different options when they are using the internet you would think that women’s percentage would be higher than men. Surprisingly the men are higher.


As you begin looking at the different ages of individuals that use the internet you will find that there are 73.3% of the users are between the ages of 18 to 35. There are only 13.0% of the users that are over the age of 40. It will show you that individuals under the age of 18 are only 3.7%. Individuals between the ages of 41-50 are only at 10.4%. When it comes to education you will find that the research gives you six different levels to look at. They started at below middle school and went up to post graduate and above. The highest level of internet use is a bachelor which is 51.5%. The lowest is below middle school which is 1.1%.

Individuals that are in college will be using the internet more because of the research they will have to do for their classes. When you look at occupation you will see that the lowest is the business owners and self-employed individuals which is 3.7%. The highest is junior employees which is 18.5%.

Most of the individuals are using a mobile phone to access the internet. This is the easiest way to access it for most individuals. They are also using their mobile phones to do shopping. It has been found that more individuals are finding that the internet is useful for numerous reasons.

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