25 Catchy Circus Slogans and Taglines

The circus has been known to offer family entertainment for generations. Focused on exotic acts, extreme and theatrical displays, with tricks performed by animals of the wild. The traditional circus has seen changing trends towards more theater style entertainment that are animal free. The following collection of circus slogans are from old and new acts that are timeless in nature.

Affordable family fun.
Built to amaze.
Come one. Come all.
Coming to town.
Dream big.
Enormous united shows.
Feel the magic up close.
Fun for all ages, come enjoy the fun.
Gleaming and glittering with gold and wondrous surprises for young and old.
People stand spellbound with amazement.
Preserving the past, promoting the future.
Roll Up. Roll Up. The circus is coming.
Spine chilling attractions.
The big one is back.
The big show of the world.
The children’s favorite clown.
The circus is in town.
The greatest bare back rider of all time.
The greatest pinball on earth.
The greatest show on earth.
The pit of curiosities.
The rock and roll circus.
The sensation of the century.
The world’s grandest, largest, best, amusement institution.
Your chance to see wild animals at the circus.

The below infographic outlines the concerns and atrocities that circuses have performed on animals. With recent anger drawn towards protesting the use of animals in the circus, The Ringling Bros and other famous circus institutions have invested in conservation efforts and staff to ensure the well being and safety of the animals used to perform. Acts are limited in time that animals are used to perform while custom train transports are created for animal quarters to offer greater comfort. The Ringling Bros is known for owning the largest private fleet of trains in the United States.

Circus Animal Effects