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Careers and Jobs for INTJ Personality Profile

Careers and Jobs for INTJ Personality Profile

The INTJ personality profile will find themselves enveloped in one area of interest as they are perfectionists. These individuals want to become well versed in any topic that they enjoy. They have high goals and expect the utmost out of themselves. They like to analyze every scenario and always try to find new insights. These individuals are very intelligent and often keep to themselves.


Doctors are ideal for the INTJ profile as they will simply need to become masters of their trade. A doctor will need to spend years studying and will have to continually better themselves all throughout their career. High goals and expectations ensure that a doctor will do everything in their power to treat a patient. Through analyzing patients, they will always be able to keep a clear mind and figure out a proper diagnosis for their patients. Being highly intelligent is just a part of the job and something that will allow a doctor to always be employed.


The INTJ personality profile does exceptionally well as a lawyer. A lawyer needs to find passion in every case and being a perfectionist does not hurt either. Learning and examining new facts and evidence is simply something that a lawyer has to do to ensure that every case is one that is able to be won. New cases bring a lot of fun and excitement as a lawyer will take it upon themselves to become highly knowledgeable with their cases and even hold themselves accountable for facts they may have missed.


The quiet life of a mathematician is one that INTJ profiles simply enjoy. Being able to be held accountable for new formulas is what drives a mathematician forward. These individuals need to analyze new concepts and do extremely well throughout their entire time because they simply want to meet their goals. With their innate need to figure out formulas, the INTJ profile will find that a career as a mathematician is one that is very tempting.


Dedication and hard work help scientists make new findings and excel in the process. Through analyzing new facts or statistics, a scientist will be able to succeed. Through immense research and a true passion in their field, a scientist will find themselves employed at all times. Having a very high level of intelligence further helps a scientist as they will be left on their own to figure out complex theories and come up with their own findings.

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