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Building a Successful Social Media Marketing Funnel


It is now possible to flip the typical sales funnel of the past by utilizing social media sites. You have the ability to actually turn your current customers into sales people that help you get new leads and boost sales. Who knew that your current customers could be such great advocates for your business? Social media sites makes it easy to flip the marketing funnel and make your consumers actually work for you. What could be better or more preferred?

The Power of Social Media

Social media can be so transformative for your marketing funnel, because it is so easy to use. You have the ability to easily convert strangers into friends and then friends into customers. However, you do not need to stop there. It is also possible to turn customers into your salespeople working for you to advocate for your business or brand.

What are the Facts?

The facts about social media sites are pretty easy to break down and dissect, because the numbers do not lie. About 42% of adults are active on at least one social media platform and about 92% of customers trust word of mouth advertising that takes over social media sites. Almost 82% of small businesses prefer word of mouth marketing to get new consumers. This means that social media sites is where effective marketing can be found and it is being done by current consumers.

What Site is Best?

Building a social media marketing funnel is all about taking a direct approach. You need to begin by determining the social media site or sites that will be most effective for your business. The only way to make this determination is to actually do a little research to find out the demographics for each site and how they line up against your target market. You need to make sure that your ideal target market is heavily accounted for on the social media site that you select.

Evaluate Impact

The only way to make sure that your marketing funnel using on social media is working, is to actually measure the impact. You need a way to evaluate the numbers and decide if this marketing funnel is actually successful. Try to find out specific instances where social media impacted a sale and make an effort to find correlations that exist. Multivariate testing might be a great way to evaluate impact on social media.

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