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Building a Business Casual Wardrobe for Men


The Complete Wardrobe For Men

Some men have a fashion sense. Most men learn what to wear and what not to wear from their mother’s, girl friends, or spouses. Many men get their sense of what goes with what and when to wear what from their tailor or the person at their favorite clothes shop.

Have Fashion and Making Cents

Good fashion sense that has style is not something you are born with. Anyone can learn good fashion sense by creating a basic wardrobe that has the right number of and the right colors of shirts, shoes, suits, pants, and accessories.

Every man should have two pairs of dress shoes in black and brown because these two colors go with everything. A minimum one pair of sneakers or loafers is desirable for casual wear. One pair of flip flops is an inexpensive way to be ready for the beach and most active outdoor activities.

You need two dress suits in black and blue for work and formal dating, a black tuxedo for formal occasions like weddings, and at least three blazers in your favorite shade of blue, tan, and brown for casual wear and dress down days at work.

Dress shirts in white, light blues, a neutral tan, and gray are a must to go with your dress suits. Checked shirts with a background color of red, blue, or black make a perfect combination for more casual settings. Three polo shirts are a must in black, blue, and gray.

For very casual wear you need at least six tees. Colors you need to have to fit with your jeans and chinos are white, blue, black, yellow, and gray.

Dark colored jeans are preferred for the best dressed men in either black or dark blue. You need at least two pairs of jeans. Two pairs of chinos in neutral colors like shades of tan and blue will go with your casual shirts and fit less formal occasions.

Ties are an absolute necessity. You need one bow tie for your tux in red or black. A minimum of six dress ties that go with your dress suits in colors or patterns of black, red, and gray are a must have for the properly attired man. A neutral colored scarf fits with your casual wear and gives you a bit of dashing.

For cooler weather and to complete a more casual look one neutral or gray turtleneck sweater and a light gray cardigan are a must have.

Accessories complete your look, the way you feel about how you are dressed, and the impressions you make and want to make on people according to the occasion you are dressing for.

Basic accessories include two expensive well-made belts in black and brown, one pair of black sun glasses, a watch with a dark leather band, and at least four pocket squares in colors that match your suits. Other accessories you may consider are hats, jewelry, tie clips, wallets, cuff links, and a case that is distinctive for work.

Cologne is an important part of your fashion statement. You need to select one scent that fits you. You smell good, you feel good, and women in particular like a good smelling guy.

Socks are a necessity. Colors should fit the pants or suit you are wearing.

Clothes do make the first and lasting impression of a man and these guidelines give you a basic wardrobe that is sure to make the great impression you want to make in business and with your women friends.

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