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33 Beer Brewing Industry Statistics and Trends

Beer Brewing Industry Growth and Statistics

The beer brewing industry has been the fastest growing segment of beer in recent years through increasing revenue, market growth, and job growth. Recent statistics provided released by the Brewers Association outline industry growth and total US brewery statistics.

2012 Craft Brewing Industry Growth
1. Retail value: $10.2 Billion
2. Jobs: 108,440
3. Volume industry growth: 15%
4. Revenue growth: 17%
5. Barrels sold: 13,235,917
6. Volume in shares sold: 6.5%
7. Increase in dollars of sales share: 10.2%
8. Regional operating craft breweries: 97
9. Total operating craft breweries: 2,347

United States Total Brewery Industry
10. Total US beer market: $99 Billion
11. Overall beer sales increase from last year: +0.9%
12. Imported beer: +1%
13. Barrels sold: 200,028,520
14. Barrels imported: 27,712,665
15. Total operating breweries in US: 2,403 (highest since 1880s)

Top 5 States for Craft Breweries

A listing of the top 5 states with the most craft breweries in the United States as published by The New Yorker.

16. Califoria – 316 breweries.
17. Washington – 158 breweries.
18. Colorado – 151 breweries.
19. Oregon – 140 breweries.
20. Michigan – 122 breweries.

Highest Growth States by Percentage
Michigan – 20%
Pennsylvania – 21%
New York – 22%
North Carolina – 23%
Texas – 23%

5 Largest Breweries in the United States
A listing of the top 5 largest breweries and current production in the United States industry.

21. Boston Beer Co. (Samuel Adams) – 2,125,000
22. Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. – 966,007
23. New Belgium Brewing Co. – 764,741
24. The Gambrinus Co. (Shiner) – 605,896
25. Deschutes Brewery – 255,093

5 Fastest Growing Brands for Craft
26. Dales Pale Ale
27. Lagunitas India Pale Ale
28. Ranger
29. Torpedo
30. Shiner Light

Overall Beverage Alcohol Market

Released by the Demeter Group Investment Bank is a comparison of the beer industry to the overall beverage and alcohol market in different categories.

31. Market Share
Beer: 49%
Spirits: 34%
Wine: 17%

32. Absolute Growth
Beer: -1.7%
Spirits: 15%
Wine: 13.1%

33. Supplier Share
Beer: 2.2%
Spirits: 3.7%
Wine: 3.4%

The Chemistry Behind Boston’s Sam Adams Brewery

An explanation of the four primary components of chemistry that goes into crafting Boston’s infamous Sam Adams Beer.

Snapshot of Beer Movement

The independent beer movement has caused craft brewing to see significant market increases in recent years. Three different qualities of craft brewing exist from small to traditional and independent. These small breweries have become a primary driver in industry growth.

Independent Beer Movement Statistics

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