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Brand Components and Brand Strategy Management


Without a clear brand, your organization can never get the recognition it deserves. Do you know the 11 key points you need to answer to strengthen your business branding?


What is your plan for the brand?

You need to have a clear plan, but more importantly a strategic plan. Have you taken into account trends in your market and changes to consumer behavior? A good plan should be able to strategically adapt to new conditions.


Is your brand up-to-date, or plain bland?

You need to create excitement by keeping content fresh and relevant. Grab people’s attention. Don’t let your brand fade into obscurity.

Reputation Management

Are you aware of what people say about your brand?

Building up your reputation is just the beginning. The real challenge is to maintain it. You should be actively monitoring and listening to customers, prospects and the general public. Did someone just publicly complain about your service on Twitter? Be proactive and sort out the issue.


What does the future hold for your business and brand?

Branding isn’t just for the present. Think of the future and where you think the brand will go, and where you want it to be. Actively take steps to steer your brand in the right direction. Above all keep the vision realistic and stick with it.


Does your brand carry a consistent message?

Develop a unique voice and tone to your brand marketing. A strong brand gives your business personality and a solid position in an ever growing and changing market.


Do you know what your competitors are up to?

Learn how to analyse the established competition and be on the look out for any new up and coming businesses. Keep yourself in the loop, so you don’t get left behind.


Does you brand look good?

You need to create a consistent and professional image to your brand, to initially draw attention and then to make a good lasting impression.


Is your brand seen as trustworthy?

Gaining and keeping your customer’s trust is essential. Your brand should be marketed in an honest and transparent manner.


Where in the market does your brand stand?

Is it lost in a sea of competitors? Or does stand tall above everyone else? One of the basic principals behind strong branding is finding that unique spot just for your business.


Is your brand far reaching?

Don’t just limit your brand to one small marketing channel. Make your presence known everywhere your customers might be. From online to offline, create a credible presence and maximize your reach.


Does your brand make people say “wow”?

Unleash your creativity and make your brand stand out from the crowd. Gain an unbeatable competitive edge with an innovative brand.

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