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Best Times to Post Social Media Updates


Social media is all about catching the attention of your followers. This means that you must post, pin or tweet at just the right moment. Did you know that social media sites have peak hours too? Simply knowing the best times to post, pin or tweet will help you take your social media marketing campaign to new heights. Knowing the best time to reach out will ensure that you are seen and heard on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Why not adjust your approach based on real data and facts?

The Peak Hours

Just like with nay site, there are peak hours for each social media site. This means that there is a best time to post, tweet or pin. On Facebook, you will have the most success by posting between the hours of 1pm and 4pm. Twitter is similar to Facebook in that 1pm to 3pm is the best timeframe for tweeting, but Monday through Thursday is much preferred over the weekend. LinkedIn has a much shorter time period that is ideal with Thursday being the best time.

Best and Worst

Once you learn the best time to post, tweet and pin, you can avoid making the mistake of going to social media sites at the worst time. If you want to be seen on social media sites, you have to avoid the worst hours. Facebook is not booming on weekends before 8am and after 8pm. Twitter is very closely related to Facebook, but there is more downtime. You should never look to tweet after 8pm and make sure that you do not tweet after 3pm on Fridays. LinkedIn has normal business hours in that after 10pm and before 6pm are not the best times to post.

Images Matter

Not only does the time that you post, tweet or pin matter, but the content is also important. Images are the main way to increase the effectiveness of sharing your content. It is a fact that photos have the ability to generate more engagement on all social media sites. Simply having an image will increase the likelihood of your tweet being shared by nearly 40%. This will help to increase both leads and conversion rates.

Knowing the best and worst times to tweet, post and pin is the key to having success on any social media site. It is not hard to be seen, but you must know when to make a splash.

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