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Best Social Media Sites for Different Types of Businesses


Bringing your business online is not a luxury as much as it is a necessity. Any company that does not make the transition will suffer from being outpaced by competition making the leap. And, with the current generation now communicating through social media platforms like never before, it only makes sense to target certain sites for your business. The question becomes, what social media platforms are best for your business? Well, lets find out.

Some Statistics to Remember

Social media is all about staying in touch, sharing ideas, and supporting what is interesting. Of those individuals polled, 75% are likely or at least somewhat likely to share something on social media, with less then 50% of these people sharing things more then once a week. In addition, the competition is stressing the importance of social media. Of all those totaled, 86% of marketers stated that social media is a key component of their business. So, what site should you focus on? Lets see what companies are already doing to give you a better idea.


LinkedIn is the most popular resume sharing website online. As a result, it is an excellent source for business to business operations. In fact, over 65% of B2B companies have managed to hire someone through LinkedIn. In addition, over 91% of B2B Marketers use LinkedIn as a source. So, if B2B is your thing, then LinkedIn is the place to be.


If your company is all about photos, or at least has a stock of products captured very well through digital means, then Facebook is the place to be. It is important to know that on Facebook, images make up about 93% of the most engaging posts. This means that if you have excellent images of your products or company, then those images will be shared by people, doing all the work for you. In addition, people will like your company if you provide coupons and incentives for doing so.


Visually driven brands have had a great deal of success on Facebook in the past. More recently however, an interesting advertising technique is taking over. This is the short video. Companies will produce a highly edited short video, describing what they do, and why a customer should get products from them. When done right, these videos can become viral, allowing for word to spread without you paying for additional advertising.

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