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16 Surprise Birthday Party Invitation Wording Ideas

Just when you think everyone may have forgotten your birthday, you find out a surprise party is headed your way. To help keep this big event a secret, the following surprise birthday party invitations will let your guests know the intent of the party ahead of time. These creative phrases are perfect to use and make a part of your planning process and theme.

[name] is turning the big [number] – 0. But she doesn’t want you to know. Let’s surprise her with a birthday bash. [date and time]. [location and address]. Remember it’s a surprise.

A birthday is near But keep it hush, hush. Let’s celebrate with a party and make the birthday girl blush. Please join us for [name] Surprise Birthday Party.

A great party is planned. You’re invited, too. Just keep it a secret cause [name] doesn’t have a clue. Come celebrate at [name] [age] Surprise Birthday Party. [date and time]. [location and address].

A terrific party is planned with birthday candles to blow, but don’t tell the birthday girl, because she doesn’t know. Join us for a surprise [age] birthday party for [name].

It’s [name] birthday and here’s the deal. We’re throwing a party, so please don’t squeal. We’re putting up streamers and stringing some lights. Get ready because we’ll be partying all night. [name] Surprise [age] Birthday Party. [date and time]. [address and location].

It’s a Surprise Birthday Party for [name] who is turning the big 3-0 on [day of week], [date] at [location and address].

It’s a surprise so please don’t blow it. We’re having a party, but [name] doesn’t know it. Please join us for [name] [age] Surprise Birthday Party. [date and time].

Keep it under wraps. We’re going to surprise [name] on her [age] birthday with a night of dinner & dancing. [date] at [time]. [venue name and address].

Keep it under your hat. A surprise party celebrating [name] [age] birthday. [date and time].

Look who’s turning [age]. We have a surprise for someone you know We want you to come and be part of the show. It’s for [name], she’ll get here at eight, so arrive at seven-thirty and please don’t be late.

Shhh. It’s a surprise. Join us for a surprise [age] birthday celebration in honor of [name]. [date and time].

Surprise! Surprise! The champagne is poured. The table is set, It’s a surprise party he’ll never forget. Join us on [date] to celebrate [name] [age] birthday.

The streamers are hung, the lights are all low, the guests are all hidden, so let the confetti flow. Please join us for a Surprise [age] Birthday Bash in honor of [name] [day of week], [date] at [time] o’clock in the evening.

There’s a Birthday Party and you’re invited to show. But don’t tell [name] because he doesn’t know. So if you can make it here’s a word to the wise make sure you come early ‘cuz it’s a surprise. Join us on [day of week], [date] at [time]. [location and address].

We’re having a surprise party, so don’t be late. Join us for cocktails to help [name] celebrate.

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