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Beginners Guide to Dominating Reddit


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The social media site Reddit is sometimes called the internet’s front page, and posting to this site or interacting with other posts there can increase your own site’s visibility on the web. This makes it a powerful tool for businesses or those who want to increase exposure to their own blogs, but it’s vital to understand how it works before jumping in. Consider 3 simple but important tips for using Reddit to your advantage.

Know How it Works

Reddit works by allowing members to submit stories, and other members vote those stories up or down. The more votes up a story gets, the closer it appears on the front page and the more hits it will get from online searches. The more votes down, the more likely it is that a story will disappear, being buried in the internet. Contributors also earn karma for quality stories, and the more karma they have, the more likely it is that other readers trust your stories and your contributions.

How to Contribute and Use Reddit

One of the best things you can do to make Reddit work for you is to jump in and start contributing! This involves writing up your own stories to post and making comments on other stories as well as voting them up and down. The more active you are on Reddit, the more you’ll learn about how it works and the more likely it will be that you develop a good reputation on the site.

Mind Your Lingo and Etiquette

Like most social media sites, Reddit has certain lingo you’ll soon learn. IRL means In Real Life, and AMA means Ask Me Anything. IamA refers to what you do for a living and TIL refers to what you learned today, or Today I Learned.

Don’t be a lurker on Reddit, or someone who just comes to read and not do much else, as the site is meant for interaction. Read and vote on content regularly, and avoid posting anything with personal information about you or anyone else. Report spam that you see and avoid attacking other comments, as the site is for everyone! When contributing stories, search to see if the content is already on the site and don’t repost deleted information as this simply detracts from the site’s use. Mind these rules and you’ll be a success on Reddit in no time.

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