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Average Salary for Creative Directors and Graphic Designers

A look at the different roles and salaries for the graphic design and web design industry in the United States.

The Business of Graphic Design

Interested in the business of graphic design? The creative industry in recent times has grown due to individuals that use design as a means of solving complex problems with use of integrating technology and business based on human factors. Here is a look of the different roles and best places for design jobs today with some primary things to consider before moving.

Top 5 Places for Design Jobs

1. Austin, Texas – With an average salary of $54,827, the cost of living rank is 94 with almost a 40% of workforce operating in creative class.

2. Newark, New Jersey – With an average salary of $40,000, the cost of living rank is 107 with over 30% of the workforce in creative class.

3. Bridgeport, Connecticut – With an average salary of $78,353, the cost of living rank is 147 with 38% of the workforce in creative class.

4. San Antonio, Texas – With an average salary of $46,203, the cost of living rank is 93 with 30% of the workforce in creative class.

5. Salt Lake City, Utah – With an average salary of $55,064, the cost of living rank is 98 with a 30% of the workforce in creative class.

5 Things to Consider Before Moving

Don’t jump in the car just yet and get moving to one of these hot spots. Keep in mind that over a quarter of graphic designers is self-employed. Here are five things to consider before relocating.

• Job title and position.
• Location of the city versus town.
• Education for better prospects with better education.
• Experience for gaining better prospects with more experience.
• Where you work whether it be for yourself, small business, or large design firm.

Positions & Salary

• Graphic Designer – $48,0000
• Interactive Designer – $64,000
• UX Designer – $87,000
• Information Architect – $99,000

4 Web Design Tips for Start-ups

As users of the internet become more visually responsive, here is a listing of four design tips you can use for your web design.

1. Make a Responsive Web Design – A proper website display and interaction on any device is becoming more of a standard.
2. Bring on a Designer Co-Founder – Avoiding trying to over burden yourself with tasks beyond your knowledgebase and bring a designer in from the get go if needed.
3. Make an Impression – Help yourself to stand out by making a good design that transcends culture and language barriers.
4. Collaborate and Listing – The goal is to have an overall pleasurable experience that is functional, beautiful, and simple.

Successful Start-ups with Co-Founders

Some successful start-ups with co-founders were Pinterest, Airbnb, Square, Instagam, Typekit, Android, Tumblr, and Vimeo.

From a start-up to a business, maximize the experience by having an effective design team. Here are some of the primary roles necessary to function successfully.

Information Architect – Organizes the data from site maps to navigation. Performs information management, groupings of information, software and languages.
Interaction Designer – Has good workflows, defines what controls do and communicates their functions to users. Designs the controls, mechanisms, and processes that users require to perform their goals.
Visual Designer – Deals with the aesthetics of a user interface within branded guidelines. Their typical background deals in graphic design via online or print media with related skills in illustration, animation, and photography. Has an ability to deal with good aesthetics.
UX Designer – Has the overall responsibility for the design’s experience, leading and briefing all of the people in specialist’s roles, and skilled in four of these areas enough to project manage and communicate with specialist roles.
Usability Engineer – Measures the user interface effectiveness with user analytics and makes recommendations. Has skills in questionnaire design, interviewing, test facilitation, format and software, testing software, and usability testing.

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