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Average Cost of a Destination Wedding


Destination Weddings Soar In Popularity

There is a rapidly growing trend for U.S. couples that are getting married–destination weddings. Do not confuse a destination wedding with an elopement. Unlike eloping couples, those choosing a destination wedding invite a number of guests to join them in a vacation setting as they witness the couple’s ceremony, often held in their honeymoon location.

Most Popular US Destinations

Those that choose to have their destination weddings within the United States tend to prefer locations known for plenty of sun in the sky. The states of Florida, California, and Nevada host nearly half of the domestic destination weddings. In fact, according to one survey only about 50% of marrying couples were concerned about accommodations being affordable for their guest, whereas 83% said it was more important that their wedding destination be memorable.

Statistics of Destination Weddings

Often times when the term destination wedding is used images of far off international paradises are conjured in the mind. However, almost 60% of destination weddings occur within the continental United States. More guests are able to attend the weddings within the states–an average of 93 guests, which is about 30% more than the average number of attendees for international locations. And although most couples care more about a memorable location than the burden of costs for their guests, more than a third of marrying couples do help some of their guests by paying for travel, activities or accommodations.

Worldwide Romantic Locations

When imagining romantic locations beyond the United States the idea of Paris, France is not far from the minds of many people. Viewing the Eiffel Tower in the background of a wedding ceremony paints the definitive picture that the marriage occurred in the most romantic city in the world. However, only about 9% of destination weddings outside of the U.S. take place in the entirety of Europe.

Popular Worldwide Destinations

The most popular location for destination weddings away from the states is the Caribbean, specifically Jamaica and the Dominican Republic. These locations offer white sandy beaches and rich, aqua blue waterscapes to create perfect settings for the most idyllic wedding scenes. In addition to picturesque wedding ceremonies there are also plenty of activities for guest to indulge in after the ceremony. Whether it be sightseeing, snorkeling, swimming, boating, biking, hiking, or just lounging by the pool, they can do it all while enjoying a comfortable climate almost any time of year.

Increasing Popularity

A driving force behind the increasing popularity in destination weddings, aside from the paradise-like locations, is the lower cost. Due to the fact that a fewer number of people will attend destination weddings, the capital required to fund the wedding is significantly lower. Often when getting married at a location where the couple will be staying for the honeymoon the fees are less than that required to rent a few hours at a chapel and reception facility.

With the state of the economy in the United States today, the allure of the destination is only going to increase. Expect to see many more of this style of wedding in the near future.

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