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App Developer Store Fees for Apple, Facebook, Android and Chrome

App Developer Store Fees for Apple, Facebook, Android and Chrome

The App Economy Is Booming

The App Economy is absolutely booming! Are you an App Developer and are wondering how you can get in on all the fun? Or maybe you are even wondering what is in it for you? The information given will spell it out for you very simply!

What is in it for you? Well first of all, you will be joining one of the “coolest” or more trendy career paths out there today. You can expect to make great money and work decent hours. You won’t have to kill yourself working double overtime every week. The hours typically run like “bankers hours,” sometimes better, depending how you look at it. The hours are estimated around 37 and 40 hours a week and go between 9 am to 6 pm.

Research has shown that between the years of 2007 and 2012, App Developers jobs or related positions topped off at more than 466,000. Are you wondering what type of salary an App Developer makes? On average they make a cool, $90,000 grand or more a year. Not bad for an “desk job,?” Right?

Salary of App Developers

The next looming question is how much of your hard earned money to do you get to keep? The answer is; with the top 5 major platforms, you get to keep anywhere from 70 – 95% of your share. The Apps of Facebook, Android, Wix and Apple get 30% of the share and Chrome only gets 5%. Those are great numbers! Wix requires a “Recurring Monthly Payment,” so you get to make your share over and over again. The other Apps are only a “One Time Fee.”

Top Apps

With all of this being said, you have to be wondering which companies are making the most money, and which Apps are at the top of the list. The Android has grown by leaps and bounds since its launch of 13 original Apps in 2008. Android has grown to over ONE Million (projected) Apps and counting. Not to mention, they are best friends with Google and have a following of more than one million people as well.

Apple has grown a resounding 35% and now has a large amount of people following their every move! Apple’s iPad has also grown at an annual rate of about thirty -five percent and is continued to do so for years to come. This news is exactly what App Developers need to hear for the growing economy.

Facebook is another industry giant that has grown to more than 680 million user and over one billion, yes, BILLION people on Facebook. Millions of customers use the mobile apps daily to gain access and enjoy socializing, advertising and online game apps.

Let’s not forget about Google Chrome and all that it has grown to be. It is currently crushing the other web browsing competition out there. It currently take more than thirty five percent of the entire industry share. It also has a very generous Revenue Sharing Program for its App Developers. An above average share of about 35%.

If you are looking for a more target audience type, then you will want to take a look at Wix. Wix has a highly targeted customer base of about 30 million small business owners, entrepreneurs and advertisers. If they want to get all that Wix has to offer their customers have to sign up for a recurring monthly subscription plan. Which means this is good news for you! You get that monthly payment, and not just a one-time fee. You will also have enormous exposure for your app! This little “diamond in the ruff” is something to consider. Not everyone knows about Wix just yet, so get in while they don’t require you to invest any of your own “marketing” money.

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