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19 New Email Marketing Best Practices and Guidelines

19 New Email Marketing Best Practices and Guidelines

Raise Profits Using Email Marketing

The use of email for marketing your product or business must follow your state and local anti-spam regulations.

View From A Mile Up

Each day, spam email, or messages forced on people who do not choose to receive it, total 14.5 billion. This type of electronic mail is more closely defined as junk email. Some people define spam even more generally as any unsolicited email. If you did not sign up to receive the email, or give permission, then it is against regulations and strictly prohibited.

These messages flood in boxes and are extremely annoying to people who receive them. To peruse twenty-four hours of the world’s spam at a rate of one message per second, it would take until year 2155, or one hundred forty-two years. That is a lot of spam!

Universal Spam

Unfortunately, the total amount of universal spam, or email sent around the world is forty-five percent. Those who investigate the subject of spam email state it might be as high as seventy-three percent! Most organizations honor local spam policy but still, there is many with no email ethics.

5 Anti-Spam Tips

Always, without fail, make sure you have permission to send your email marketing campaign. This is not only marketing email, but emails from lists or news groups. If a person signs up for the email, you have permission to send them electronic communication. Use an ‘Opt-In’ authentication system. That means if someone signs up for the email, make sure there is a method to authenticate the request. Most companies use a link that is returned to email address and ask to verify by pressing on the indicated URL address. Some other tips are:

1. Apply filters to your email.
2. Look for an Internet Service Provider that has a strong spam policy.
3. Consider a email spam if you do not know the sender.
4. Never purchase anything from a spam email.
5. Use software that provides spam protection.

Email Marketing Is Smart

United States companies spent approximately $1.5 billion dollars on email output for marketing purposes. Estimates illustrate that electronic campaigns work and bring a return on investment (ROI) at $40.56 of every dollar expended on electronic marketing that makes sense.

Make Email Marketing Professional

You are using email to make money. You want the email appealing, targeted, and one that says the words to convey your message. There are many services that provide templates and ideas for email marketing that makes it professional and pleasing to the reader. Make your subject lines appealing, to the point, and persona. Recent reports state that about sixty-eight percent of email users have opened marketing campaigns and purchased an item.

Click Through Rates

Studies have shown that most people will open and click through links provided in a clean, enticing, and interesting email marketing campaign on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thurs. So it makes sense to time your email marketing. Remember; make sure you only send to people who have signed up for your email. Avoid spam!

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