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Android Droid OPS vs. Apple IOS Mobile Operating System

Android Droid OPS vs. Apple IOS Mobile Operating System

Different Personalities with Android and IOS Users

The smartphone business has completely taken over mobile telephony, as more and more persons seek to own a smartphone. There are many reasons why everyone in the 21st century would want to own a smartphone. Among the many reasons, smartphones have made it possible for people to connect with friends and family members easily through social sites. The same smartphones make life easier as can handle tasks made for men like identifying the nearest restaurant to grab a lunch. Although some people buy smartphones for work related businesses, these phones have dearly indicted these people’s personalities. A person with an android operated phone does not have the same personality as the one with an iPhone.


The highest numbers of persons who use android operated devices are men. This is because of the simplistic nature of these devices, as well as the ease of use in the same. Ladies on the other hand prefer apple products such as the iPhone. Ladies always want to look classy and elegant in whatever they have, and apple products seem to give just that.

In addition to this, apple products are mostly used by persons who live in cities, while android operated devices are used by almost anyone in the country. It is also estimated that, android users may have a lower income as compared to those who use apple products. This could be due to the prices of these products and maintenance of the same.


Personalities also dictate what a person would own, or would go for. People with strong personalities and optimists always go for complicated things like IOS operated products. Due to their personalities, these people are spend thrifts and do not care how much money they have to spend on themselves. Android products on the other hand are used by persons who consider their future lives first especially when it comes to spending. A person with an android phone would rather save his or her money than spend on an expensive object or item. He is considered cheap and mostly a pessimist in many things and ideas. Alternatively, persons with android operated phones have great personalities and can mingle with almost anyone.

Appeal and Appreciation

When it comes to appreciating technology and what it has to offer, apple lovers get most of everything here. This is because apple products are made to explore every inch of technology, ranging from retina screens to sleek devices which are stronger than they look. Android users on the other hand will only go for devices that are fully featured and never mind about the sleekness. Android device users are no doubt pc users, while IOS users prefer using Mac computers. This is to ease file transfers and connectivity. In addition to this, IOS powered devices attracts snobs and people who will not lend an eye to a beggar. They will briskly walk away and shun the beggar away. Android users on the other hand will first listen to what the beggar has to say, evaluate the situation and maybe chuck out a dollar or two for the beggar.

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