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125 Positive Affirmations for Success and Prosperity

Here are 125 powerful affirmations for success and prosperity for you to say to yourself or give to a friend to start each day.

#1 Nothing and nobody will keep me small. I claim my power from this day forward.

#2 I am allowed to want what I want.

#3 I am a powerful being.

#4 My success is not for the world to determine.

#5 I know no limits.

#6 I was born to lead.

#7 I show others the way to true prosperity.

#8 I must go first and forge ahead. I am my own hero.

#9 The world awaits me.

#10 I am my favorite success story.

#11 I do not rush my success. It is a lifestyle.

#12 Happiness and peaceful fulfillment are available to me now and always.

#13 I am everything I need to be.

#14 My success is unique to me.

#15 I plant the seeds today, knowing I will reap what I sow.

#16 I am successful now. I am not waiting for anything.

#17 I am bold.

#18 The best investment I make is in myself.

#19 Everything I need and want is already there for me.

#20 My success cannot wait. I am ready now.

#21 I am inspired in unlimited ways to live a prosperous life.

#22 I am what a highly successful person looks like.

#23 Yesterday is forgotten. Today, I renew the zest for my wildest dreams.

#24 Opportunities open to me everywhere I go.

#25 Life chose me for a reason. I make the most of it.

#26 I receive, with no hesitation or conditions.

#27 I give myself full permission to chase my dreams, even if I stand alone.

#28 Success is mine. Not in a shallow sense, but a deeply rich, prosperous existence.

#29 I really can have it all. Life is to be enjoyed.

#30 Today, I recognize my success.

#31 The past doesn’t limit my future. I can do so much. I am limitless.

#32 I have already done the rehearsals. Today, I perform, at my best.

#33 No excuses. I am not proving anything. I am only worried about myself.

#34 I am made of the same energy as the mighty sun.

#35 My current reality does not limit my ability to envision what I am capable of.

#36 I work towards more than money. I am living my dreams.

#37 I find joy today. This is my secret to prosperity.

#38 Each day I am aligned with my vision. It brings me happiness.

#39 I am pumped up about all of the exciting opportunities before me.

#40 I take pride in what I do because it reflects who I am.

#41 I don’t compromise on the important stuff. I know I am worthy of the best.

#42 I work to my strengths, and things come easily.

#43 My value is not associated with my successes.

#44 The world is filled with unfathomable beauty, and so is my life.

#45 Self-discovery is the ultimate success.

#46 I find myself in pursuing my values, not in chasing fleeting wins.

#47 I act with integrity, which guarantees prosperity.

#48 Life is too precious to waste chasing status.

#49 My ambitions run deep and have great meaning.

#50 I purge thoughts that creep into my mind and doubt my ability.

#51 Perceived limitations are not the truth. They are only thoughts.

#52 Life isn’t to be conquered. It is to be lived.

#53 I am excited and open-minded about my future.

#54 My prosperity is measured by love, happiness, and fulfillment.

#55 My life unfolds in the most magical ways.

#56 I trust the process.

#57 I am patient and respect the perfect timing that exists.

#58 The mind plays tricks and would have me doubt my ability. I don’t fall for it.

#59 I take time to water my garden of dreams, knowing it can’t bloom all year.

#60 I am grounded in today while also reaching for my future dreams.

#61 I spend my time on earth well.

#62 I am here for a reason, and I am important.

#63 Fears are normal, but I always remember they are rarely true.

#64 My positive outlook ensures great outcomes.

#65 I achieve what is important to me, even if it takes time.

#66 The core of my ambitions is happiness. This, I never need to wait for.

#67 Some days I make bold moves. Other days, small, simple actions.

#68 Prosperity is evident in all aspects of my life.

#69 I am rich beyond my wildest dreams.

#70 I am successful right now, not waiting for perfection.

#71 My success and good fortune multiply all the time.

#72 I feel safe in the natural abundance of life.

#73 I am prosperous, without force or extreme effort.

#74 Riches are drawn into my life, like water to a sponge.

#75 I marvel at the prosperity all around me. I am rich!

#76 Success is not some elusive future. It is in the very actions of today.

#77 Simply being content with who I am is a success. Everything else is a bonus.

#78 I am rare and one of a kind.

#79 I enjoy the finer things in life, with no guilt or hesitation.

#80 I treat myself like royalty and success follows.

#81 I am original.

#82 I appreciate the season of success I am in, including highs and lows.

#83 I sit quietly, and like a magnet, inspiration and good fortune are drawn to me.

#84 I am destined for riches and greatness. It is already written.

#85 I achieve small victories each and every day.

#86 I add a special element to the world.

#87 My success is ensured, as there are no failures. I can only grow.

#88 I enjoy each moment fulfilling my life’s purpose.

#89 Successful action comes in interesting forms.

#90 Every day, I do at least one thing that aligns me with my higher purpose.

#91 Money comes easily to me.

#92 I forgive any past resistance to money and success. I am ready now.

#93 I am open to receive incredible insights and brilliant ideas.

#94 I keep my focus on my goals, never wondering what others may think.

#95 I live in the magic of today and fully grasp the riches within it.

#96 I remember that I am actually incredible at what I do.

#97 Whatever I focus on, grows.

#98 I choose success. It is that simple.

#99 The more I appreciate what I have, the more that seems to appear.

#100 Each little action is like polishing a diamond. My beauty is revealed.

#101 I am brave enough to want great things for myself.

#102 I take a stand when others may not.

#103 What I have achieved so far takes admirable strength and courage.

#104 I am sorry I ever doubted my past achievements. I have conquered so much.

#105 I surprise myself again today with the power I have within me.

#106 I contribute to my legacy today.

#107 Courage is always well-rewarded.

#108 I am paid well for my contributions.

#109 I am a genius in my own way. I respect how knowledgable I am.

#110 Success affords me a balanced lifestyle, brimming with joy.

#111 I am thankful for how money supports me today.

#112 I expect more and more wealth, and so it is.

#113 I am at peace with money, which allows it to flow more freely to me.

#114 I do what I enjoy, and it, in turn, brings immense prosperity.

#115 I will make it, even if the path is different than I thought.

#116 My success is in harmony with the world around me.

#117 I was born to be prosperous.

#118 My life is alive with possibilities.

#119 I take chances to make my dreams possible.

#120 I put all bets on myself, assured of my worth.

#121 My prosperity is not for ego, but much deeper and part of honoring my existence.

#122 I am worthy of great success. There is nothing to doubt.

#123 I value who I am, and therefore, I pursue my biggest dreams.

#124 I invest in my future by what I do today.

#125 All life is in perfect order. I trust my success is part of this.

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