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Adobe Premiere Pro vs Sony Vegas Pro

Both Adobe Premiere Pro and Sony Vegas Pro have several utilities and tools in common with one another. You’ll receive storyboard displays, timeline displays, and full screen playback with audio effects and transitions. Visual effects, video transitions, and transformation effects are also available on both platforms.

With so much similarity, what differences are there to examine in the Adobe Premiere Pro vs Sony Vegas Pro debate?

For starters, the operating system you use will influence your decision. Sony Vegas Pro is a Windows-only product. Premiere Pro offers an iOS version and can work on Windows as well.

Here are some additional key points to consider in this debate as well.

1. Interface and Editing

Adobe Premiere Pro offers a wider range of editing options through their interface. When compared with Sony Vegas Pro, Adobe users will receive 3D editing, video transition editing, and animation tools.

Sony Vegas users receive visual effects editing opportunities that are not offered by Adobe.

Although Sony doesn’t provide a complete array of editing options, their usability must be taken into account. The interface in Vegas Pro is much easier to learn, which lets anyone begin working on a project almost immediately.

Adobe is more complete system, but it takes time to learn the complex abilities that are available to use.

If you need a complete system, choose Premiere Pro. If you want to get to work right away, you’ll want to choose Vegas Pro.

2. Workflow

Adobe Premiere Pro offers a long-term editing solution. Vegas Pro offers an immediate editing solution at the expense of offering long-term compatibility.

For the average person, editing takes a progressive approach. When you’re first getting started, you want something that will provide you with a workflow you can immediately understand. That allows you to move from step to step, creating a final product with your vision. This is what Vegas Pro provides.

What happens when you’re ready to add more complexities to your final project? You’re going to eventually need Premiere Pro.

From a workflow standpoint, it makes more sense to invest the time into learning Premiere Pro over Vegas Pro if you are just beginning to work in this field. This will save you from learning multiple workflow systems.

If you are already familiar with workflow requirements, either platform will serve your needs. Your final decision will likely be based on the operating system and hardware compatibility of your setup.

3. Platform Compatibility

Both systems provide you access with a suite of tools that will complement your video editing requirements. Adobe offers a subscription-based service that can be as big or as little as you need it to be. Sony offers a tiered-based service that allows you to choose specific features that you’ll want for your project.

Adobe Premiere Pro is part of the Creative Cloud experience. You can choose Premiere Pro as a single app subscription for $19.99 per month on an annual plan or $29.99 per month on a month-to-month plan. You’ll receive the latest version of the app at all times, your own portfolio website, premium fonts, and up to 20 GB of cloud storage.

You can also purchase an “All Apps” subscription from Adobe for $49.99 per month when purchased on an annual plan. You can also add an Adobe Stock subscription and pay $79.98 per month for everything that Adobe currently offers.

The pricing for Vegas Pro 14 ranges from $399-$799. The entry-level pricing provides a basic editing platform only. If you want access to advanced text and title designs, a 3D objects unit, and certain color filters, you’re forced to purchase the mid-range or premium product. The entry-level editing tier does not provide Blu-ray or DVD authoring software either.

Which Option Is Best for You?

If you have the time to learn the editing process and workflow that Adobe Premiere Pro offers, then it will be your best option. It has more functions than Vegas Pro, allows you to edit at a medium-to-high level, and will continually update to the latest version for you with an online subscription.

Vegas Pro is the option to use for those who have never edited before or don’t have the time to learn a complex system right now. Vegas Pro is simple and plain, but straightforward in its workflow. You’ll still produce results that look professional on this platform, even though you may be casually editing instead of professionally editing.

Both platforms have potential, so the final choice is up to you… unless you use Apple products.

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