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7 Most Effective Text Message Marketing Tactics

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Texting is no longer just a way that teenagers communicate with one another. It is now a tool that you can use in the world of business. This means that you need to learn how you can be using texting to your benefit as a business owner. There are more than just a few tested ways that you can use texting to help you grow your business. Here are some of the key takeaways from this infographic.

1) Open Rate
The thing that you need too know about text messages is that they are opened. This means that if you get a text message in front of a consumer, you are sure that it will be read. This is not true of emails. It should be known that text messages have an open rate of nearly 98%. This is extremely high and is so much better than the open rate of emails. This means that when you text, you have a better chance of getting your message seen. You just need to know who to text and how to text them.

2) Customers
You should also know that customers that get text messages from a business have a higher conversion rate than customers that do not get messages. This means that text messages can do nothing but help your business. You need to be sending text messages often if you want to be sure that conversion rates are as high as possible.

3) Time and Text
If you are doing promotions that are time sensitive in any way, it can really be a benefit to use texting. Texts get read within minutes of being sent. This means that your message will be read in a more timely manner if you choose text over any other method. Your email might eventually be seen, but not as quickly as it would if it was in a text form. This means that you should be looking to text when possible if you have a message that is time relevant at all.

4) Order Confirmation
You should be using texting as a way that you can confirm orders. It really can be the simplest way for you to get the message across that you have received an order and that it has been shipped. This really makes things so much simpler and you can be sure that the message is actually seen since it will be in text form.

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