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Adobe InDesign vs Microsoft Publisher

If you are looking for a desktop publishing solution, then two options that are available today are Adobe InDesign and Microsoft Publisher. For most people, InDesign is going to be the solution that is chosen simply because it is the industry standard. Most people do not generally send each other Publisher files when they are creating something.

On the other hand, Microsoft Publisher is also much easier to use than InDesign and because MS Office is so widely used, the files are fairly compatible with what many people already have.

Which option could be right for you? Here are some of the key points to consider.

Precision: Adobe InDesign vs Microsoft Publisher

If you need a desktop publisher that will give you an ultimate level of precision, then Adobe InDesign is the platform to use. It allows you to create sophisticated publications with finely tuned text, layout, and graphics to a precision of .001 degrees. InDesign is also going to produce a Table of Contents and an Index that automatically updates for you whenever you make changes to your file.

Microsoft Publisher may not be as precise, but it has a very shallow learning curve. If you’re familiar with MS Office products, then you can get up and running with your publications right away.

Output: Adobe InDesign vs Microsoft Publisher

Adobe InDesign gives you multiple output options that allow you to create instantly publishable documents or other file formats. You can professionally print the publication you’ve designed with InDesign, export it as a PDF, or choose from a number of different ebook formations so you can save time on the design front to get the file ready. This allows users to make anything from a newsletter to a novel to a magazine with relative ease, but there are no included templates.

Microsoft Publisher does provide plenty of templates so users can get started on their publication right away. The templates also allow you to merge your publication with an email marketing list with relative ease. Publisher also supports master pages. You can export the files from Publisher as a PDF and there are options for commercial printing, but no real options for ebook formatting directly on the platform.

Use: Adobe InDesign vs Microsoft Publisher

Adobe InDesign is supported on all operating systems. It can be obtained as a single application or as part of a Creative Cloud subscription. You’ll receive your own portfolio website, premium fonts, and up to 20 GB of Cloud storage. Access for individuals to use InDesign by itself begins at $19.99 per month. The entire Creative Cloud is available for $49.99 per month for individuals.

Business pricing for InDesign begins at $29.99 per month for each license or $69.99 per month for all apps for each license. Up to 100 GB of storage is available for collaboration and dedicated 24/7 support is available on these plans.

Adobe also offers discounts for students, teachers, schools and universities.

Microsoft Publisher is included in the MS Office 365 subscriptions that are available, beginning at $6.99 per month or $69.99 annually for personal users. For business users, access to MS Office with Publisher is $12.50 per month. It can also be purchased through the Microsoft Store and downloaded from there directly to a Windows 7 or later computer.

Pricing for the 2016 version of Publisher on its own begins at $109.99. Discounts are available for students and teachers.

Which Is the Right Publishing Platform for You?

If you are running a Linux or Apple operating system, then Adobe InDesign is your better option when comparing it to Publisher simply because it is your only option. It may be more expensive to access, but it will also give users a larger variety of exporting options. Although the templates need to be found on your own, the sheer number of features make it a useful platform if you can devote enough time to learn it.

For those who are publishing ebooks, Adobe InDesign will save time because the required formatting can be automatically applied based on the type of file that is being saved.

If you are running a Windows PC, then Microsoft Publisher is a potential option to consider. It is easy to use and offers a number of templates and features that can help to make you become immediately productive.

Both platforms have specific benefits that they can provide, so the best solution is found by comparing personal needs to software provisions. Where do you find yourself in the Adobe InDesign vs Microsoft Publisher debate?

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