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9 Ways to Make Your Website Sell Your Services


Few websites have the capacity to hook people into reading all of their available content. Research has shown that people will read only 28% of your site and it is only natural that you make them read more of your content. The following point from the psychology of web design will guide you on how to build websites that influence people with visual control.

1) Layout
By using a smart design, you will be able to guide each site visitor towards where you want them to focus on your website. Ensure the design of the content corresponds to the reading patterns of the majority of the users, which is an ‘F’ left to right up and down. Research has shown that users scan the web page in a “Z” shape motion.

The information you want the reader to focus on should be at the top left, the middle, and the bottom right corner. Incorporate visual breaks to point the user to a particular area of your site. Use minimalism in your layout to simplify complex processes and organize content on your site to reduce the user’s stress.

2) Color
Different colors can portray the content of the website in a particular light and it is important that you used the right color to accentuate the brand’s identity. Blue oozes calmness, trust, and loyalty and both men and women statistically desire it. Social media networks and banks are synonymous with the color. Yellow and orange imply haste, and since yellow is not aesthetic in modern times, it is the best color for limited time offers.

Black implies seriousness, sophistication and it can represent luxury items and upselling products. Green reminds the user of the environment and nature. It stands out against other colors and its best used for buttons.

3) Typeface
The typefaces used on a website will work to establish the tone of the writing on the site. It is the obvious way to direct the user read between the lines. Serif fonts give the impression of authority and heritage. They have proven to work best for the respected news outlets as well as law firms.

Sans-Serif fonts, on the other hand, represent a modernly beautiful and clean site. It is a favorite with social media networks and tech companies. Comic Sans should be used by children or for children related content and never for serious websites.

Finally, the user of your site should be able to trust the content especially when you ask for personal information. Mentioning the user by their name and use of pronouns like ‘your’ will contribute to the user trusting you.

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