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9 Ways to Increase Your Productivity


Productivity is the key to success, but staying on track without getting distracted is much easier said than done. However, there are some easy tips that can help keep you motivated and ensure that you reach your most productive level.

Here are just some of the simple tips designed to increase productivity:

Early Riser

You can be more productive by simply getting an early start. However, it is best to use the early morning hours to focus on yourself instead of work. This means that you should not start answering emails from your bed, but should get up and start your die with a healthy breakfast or a morning session of meditation. If you make yourself the priority now, you can focus on other tasks throughout the day.


When it comes to productivity, the 80/20 rule is implied. This rule is based on the notion that 20 percent of your actions equate for 80% of the results. This simply means that you should not waste your time doing things that do not have an impact. You need to focus on what really matters in a way to maximize your productivity.

Take a Break

You might think that pushing through is the best way to increase productivity, but breaks are actually incredibly helpful. A break will enable you to clear your mind and gain a refreshed feeling that will help you increase productivity. You can read the newspaper or take a coffee break and return with a new enthusiasm that helps you push through your task. A short break is the easiest way to ensure that you stay on track.

Tough Work Before Noon

It is always a good idea to get in the habit of tackling the most challenging work while your mind is not bogged down. This is best achieved by doing the tough work before lunchtime even rolls around. This means that you can tackle the hard jobs first and have a clear mind as the day progresses. Why not just get it out of the way early?

Focus on One Task

You might assume that multitasking helps you get more accomplished each day, but it actually leaves you feeling overwhelmed. Trying to do 10 things each day will leave you feeling in efficient and will ensure that you do not finish the tasks that are most important. Cut down your to-do list and focus on only one task at once.

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