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9 Ways to Improve Page Load Time


When you are designing a site there are many things that you need to be concerned with, but the load page time is something that you can’t take lightly. You might think that the layout and content are all that matters, but if your page load time is slow, nothing about the design of your site will matter, because none of it will be seen. The page load time of your side is the be all and end all because it has a profound impact on how effective your website is as a whole. Here are the key takeaways from this infographic.

1) 2 Seconds or Less
To say that you do not have a lot of time for your page to load would be an understatement. New research suggests that many online users expect a site to load in a mere 2 seconds or less. This means that if the page load time of your site is lagging behind in any way, it could be a major issue. More than 50% of online users expect the site page to be loaded in a couple of seconds, so this is a demand that your site must meet if you want it to be seen before an online user exits your site page.

2) Exiting Site
Many online users will leave a site if the page is not loaded by the 3 second mark. This means that you will lose potential customers if your site is only a few seconds behind. Since there is such a small amount of room for error, it is essential that you know how quickly your page is loaded and make the load time of your site a priority at all times. Not only will online users choose to leave your site, but more than 70% of them will not return to your site again if the pages load slowly. This means that you basically have one chance to make a good impression and if you fail, it could hurt your bottom line for good.

3) Conversions and Page Load Time
If conversions are something that you are focusing on with your site, you can’t afford for your site to be slow at all. You will see about a 10% decrease in overall conversions on your site if it is slow in any way. This could be even milliseconds behind. The thing that you need to remember above all else is that page load time matters.

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